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Jan Finley Channel of the Week

Life changes on a dime. In recent weeks alone, there were fires in California, a derecho in Iowa, bloody protests, two hurricanes, two political conventions, extremely high heat in Arizona, and an ongoing and very deadly pandemic… and that is just in the United States. Clearly, “things” are heating up. We knew this was coming and we know more is yet to come. We don’t know what or when or how, but it just “feels” like we are in the middle of whatever this life transforming event is and it is heating up, doesn’t it?
Even if we do have an inkling that more is to come – or not, I think we are all aware that stress is building and everyone seems to feel squeezed. We all want to see a light at the end of the tunnel, right?
Over the years, and particularly this last year, I have begun learning to embrace the idea that there is no point in railing against the timing of events and happenings in my life. When I can approach life with equanimity (after the “oh crud” moment, naturally – we are human after all!), whatever *it* is becomes more manageable. Even more, when I can accept my own responsibility for my life, my heart settles peacefully. Anything becomes infinitely more possible.
Those of us who follow Stephanie’s brilliant teachings have heard her describe 3D reality, our current state of being on this earth, as “either/or”, based on polarity. In 4D, everything is “interesting.” And from a 5D perspective, everything becomes “perfect.”   Wouldn’t it be lovely if we could all approach life embracing an “it’s all perfect” perspective? Just imagine for a minute. We all know by now that anything that happens in life is a manifestation of our birth plan and designed to promote soul growth. What if we opened our arms and welcomed what occurs? What if we embrace everything we face with compassion? The more I think about it, the more remarkable I find the concept. The idea has become more tangible and, well….possible.
Stress loads would become not only smaller, they would fade away, making the impact on us physically, mentally and emotionally commensurately smaller as well. Potential solutions would no longer be sought for, sometimes with great difficulty, but readily at hand, inspired by our open and accepting heart. Harmony and unity would be our foundation. For millennia, we have been fighting fire with fire. It clearly isn’t working.
How about we try something new?
And so I am told:
Humankind is approaching a moment of choice and the significance of that cannot be emphasized enough. One may choose to do what has been familiar and expected, but one has only to gaze around to view the results of that approach. Or one may choose a new path toward unity, unfamiliar perhaps and requiring commitment and perseverance. The choice is yours.
Let go of expectation, fear, even questions and be ready to embrace what you see. You are reaching the Threshold, that moment of choice, and it is unavoidable. All must pass through. Feel the electricity in the air, that palpable shift of imminent change approaching. Allow your hearts to open and stay open, for this creates balance. Do not anticipate, do not expect or look for outcome. All will be made clear. In the Threshold, you meet yourself. Be prepared and willing.
Your heart knows the truth. Your heart knows the way.

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