Cosmic Channel of the Week

Jan Finley Channel of the Week

As we settle into the new and morphing reality which surrounds us, we are bound to experience up and downs, and even moments of extreme frustration. Our emotions might run away with us at times. Fear. Anger. Grief. All that and more may take their turn. This isolation is our new normal, and with it comes a necessary adaption to make it feel comfortable. That is how we as humans work. As we attempt to feel in control, we manipulate our surroundings for comfort and familiarity.
We are letting go of what has been “normal for us for a very long time. And we are not letting go because we want to, but because we have no choice.   Most of you reading this will embrace these changes to some degree. We know this is the dawning of the New World and we welcome that. Doesn’t mean it will be comfortable.
You are all changing rapidly now, in ways you cannot yet perceive fully. You are shedding the costumes and disguises of many lives and their associated props and stories. Having your “identity” feel as if it were being stripped from you is uncomfortable at best. Knowing it would happen and experiencing this multitude of changes are two very different things. We say to you that there has never been a more sacred time/space in your accumulated lives, and in learning to honor that, and yourself within it, you may find the process more comfortable. 
Much anger is likely to surface in the next several weeks, as you account time. When life continues to change and move away from expected “normal”, frustration and fear may combine in an explosive manner, and a certain volatility may occur. Anger is a great motivator and there will come a time/space for forward action. This is not that time. 
We cannot emphasize enough the need for gentleness right now, both with your individual selves and with those in your family, indeed for anyone with which you might come into contact. Find outlets for your overflowing emotions that harm no one, even yourself. Breathe deeply, breathing in love with each breath. Exercise. Eat right. Sleep. All the usual self-care applications emphatically apply at this time/space.
Let the Waters of Love fill your hearts and bathe the cells of your body. Emotions are energy in motion and they must be allowed to pass through your body and energy fields. As these Waters fill you, so they will fill those around you.
You are within the chrysalis now, and no matter how tight and uncomfortable it might feel, you must remain within it until completion. Make yourselves at home and at peace, as best you can, within your individual cocoons.  
We remind you again and always that we are with you every step of the way. You are transforming, even in the minutes that drag on and as the frustration grows. Be the Light that you are and allow it to move you through this transformation.
We are with you in the silence of your hearts.
And from the Mother:
All will be well, my beloved children. I deliver this new world to you as blessing and lesson.
You are loved beyond measure. This exercise was never designed to punish you, my children, but to wake you up so that you will remember who I am, who you are and where you came from. I am with you every second of this awakening. Now that you are still, I will greet you and hold you close. Remember who you are, where you came from and why you are here.

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