THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 10/31/16

Ray Rolando Channel of the Week

channeloftheweekPIERCING THE VEIL -

There is a 48 hour window from October 31st through November 1st every year when the veils between seen and unseen are the thinnest. In terms of Cosmic Mathematics, this is the time of greatest potential to reach into the Great Expanse for a "wormhole" of sorts for you to create from.

These two days also deliver you to All Souls Day on November 2nd (different than All Saints Day on the 1st). This is also a time of remembering those who've passed. However, if you do so from the most empowered places within you, this also provides an opportunity - one in which you can connect into your familial lineage and ALL that it has offered you and your ancestors.

From this place over these 3 powerful days, and really the entire week leading up to and the whole week after, this "window" becomes an incomparable power point of opportunity. For, if you pick your families for their great teachers, and if the veils are thinnest this time of year, you can actually choose a window to transcend MUCH human karma, riding a wave that comes only once per year during this 72 hour space.

You see, you can bypass physical karma when you consciously connect into these super-human portals annually. How? In a word, intention.

By setting the intention to transcend familial patterns and reaching beyond the past into potential, from a heart-centered space of service to the planet and the Cosmos, you can put century-old patterns to sleep in the NOW for good, thereby clearing the way for your families for 7 generations forward and back, and you.

This Halloween, remember this... the reason a little "fear" is good every once in a while is because it raises kundalini life force energy up the spine... it is the fight or flight response system. And when you consciously choose to connect into "spooky" and otherwise "unaccepted" ethereal phenomena, while that energy moves up and down your spine in a conscious way, you open doors to power yourselves into full potential and purpose with unmatched force.

Numerologically, the first 48 hours (4 + 8 = 12 and 1+2  =3; and 3 = manifestation) delivers you to a completion cycle ending on the 3rd day, hence the full 72 hours (7 + 2 = 9; and 9 = completion). So you are being given the opportunity within a completion cycle to manifest NEW whilst the veils between you and everything "out there" are thinnest.

The key to your creations? Pierce the Veils consciously, with an intention to give thanks and go beyond the beyond, into powerful purpose. After all, the veils of illusion and victim were put there by you for you to overcome their limits and become the Great Creator(s) that YOU ARE once more.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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