THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 11/13/17

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Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


Dearest ones, feed not the fear. For the Great Purge is upon you, and your prayers are being answered for the world you have dreamt of. But patience is key.

You see, you have been told of the prophesy over and over. You have heard the rhetoric whispered for many, many years, even in your current lifetime. Promises have been made unto you, and God always delivers.

You are at the end of the cycle, known as the Kali Yuga. It was a period of mass humanitarian decline and the “fall of morality”. This is where we have told you in past transmissions that humanity had to fall as far from God as possible, never to repeat this fall in this way again. However, this Yuga, which lasted approximately 5,000 years, is ending. You are entering the Golden Age of humanity’s ascent with the Earth which lasts 10,000 years, and Kali is making Her exit. As she does, she ensures the destruction of EVERYTHING out of alignment before Mother Earth allows the full onset of the New Beginning.

What this means is that literally everything your planet and its species are experiencing at this time is part of the bigger picture of the ending of the old, and the ushering in of the new regime. Mother Earth, as you have been told prior, will do anything and everything in Her power to help this shift occur. Massive weather pattern shifts, flooding, fires, hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes, landslides, mudslides, rockslides, and volcanic eruptions are ALL in the mix here.

In addition, as the Earth shifts, Her poles, positive and negative, shift with Her. What was once positive, slides to the negative, and what was once negative, slides to the positive. We are not talking about good and bad here, simply electrical charges. After all, EVERYTHING is energy.

As the poles shift within the planet, they also shift within Her inhabitants on the planet. And so this also means that those who literally cannot hold the consciousness of unconditional love, will appear to go mad, and their actions, shown on all media outlets will indicate as much. Your job is to remain in integrity within you about what is truthfully happening as opposed to what marketing may attempt to have you believe. Believe only in love.

If there are those in the species who are incapable of making it through this shift, they will cease to exist in the dimension of those who are making these needed shifts at this time. Read our words carefully here. They will cease to exist IN THE DIMENSION in which those who begin the polar ascent (ascension) reside, as they move toward high moral and integral values once more. In this new dimension, fear and judgment begin to cease, as a New World is quite literally being dawned upon you, and with you.

Since we are talking polarities here, the reverse then is also true. If you are making the shift in the ascent, you will no longer exist in the dimension where others cannot meet you. Trust us when we tell you this takes MANY shapes and forms. Some will appear to have perished in the mass events noted above. Yet, they will have moved dimensions into realms your light can no longer perceive. Similarly, where they “go”, their denseness can no longer perceive you.

In other, less extreme cases, people (friends, family, children, parents, etc) will move out of your experience as you make space for new people and experiences that share your values. For you will create this new dimension in this Golden Age together.


You are simply being asked to observe now. Observe with love. For what you observe WITH love, BECOMES love. Rather than give into the fears and dramas, you are being asked to find your dharma upon your breath. So breathe deeply and inhale truth. You are shifting, you are ascending, and you are being asked to remain steadfast in the search for ONLY love.

The time is now and we are SO with you in the Great Purge. Allow your own misaligned patterns to fall away now. Resist them and they will persist. Release them, and they will release you to the freedom you have been promised. So receive it, because you ALL so deserve it.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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