THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 2/26/18

Ray Rolando Channel of the Week


Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


Greetings, Wayshowers. It appears as though it is time to separate spiritual seekers from those on a true spiritual path.  You see, it is time now to recognize that if you are dabbling in spiritual teachings but you are choosing not to live them as a way of life, then they can never become second nature. And actually, they were ALWAYS intended to be first nature.

Let us elevate the energy here shall we. It is time for you to understand how this actually works in your human vessels.  Simply put, belief requires the mind and faith does not.  Please do not misunderstand here. Higher beliefs that expand the mind and create opportunities for growth on the human plane can serve you well. But… they are still in the mind. 

On the other hand, FAITH is but only in the heart.  True faith stems from a growing passion when the heart chakra opens to the potential of the Sacred Heart. When the Sacred Heart begins to speak to you only a mustard seed of faith is requisite to experience aspects of cosmic bliss.  We are not talking about euphoria here. Yet, we are. You see, when EVERYTHING in your experience can be trusted from a state of faith, you begin to merge into love with everything happening in your experience.  And, while this can seem euphoric, this is actually the true state of who you are.

Do you know how small a mustard seed is? Tiny. So, how much true faith do you presume you actually have? How far are you willing to go now? What might it take for you to step out of belief and into faith, and what are you waiting for?

See, the pool of consciousness is ALWAYS the right temperature.  It is time to jump in the deep end and submerse yourself. Dive deep now for pearls of wisdom. Take everything you have learned this lifetime from your experiences, including from this portal and others, and come to know who you are by sitting with yourself in true trust and faith, and surrender to the truth that the greater good is ALWAYS happening.

The time for trusting one minute and not another is over. This is for real now. No more time for preparing to be ready. You were born to embrace the greatness of who and what you truly are and why you are here. Go DEEP with this.

Consciousness has traction in those with a mustard seed of faith. However, it also has no “time” anymore for those with only lofty beliefs who live by them on Monday, but not Tuesday through Sunday. The thing about faith is that if you truly have it, then it becomes you. You are it. It is you and there is NO in between.

So… what say you? Continue to live in 3D beliefs and suffer. But step into true faith, and 5th Dimensional Realities and beyond will blow your mind, open your heart and lead you to FULL liberation. It IS possible. But do not believe it. Let your faith SHOW you it is possible.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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