THE MYSTIC’S Message – Week of 3/12/18

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Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


Greetings, Galactic Travelers currently visiting the Earth! Ha ha!

Ok, so today we have an interesting metaphor to bring to you about your realities. Since we have reminded you about the truth about how your perception colors your reality, today we would like to reinforce your foundation with “solid” walls. For, you see, if what you perceive in any moment is creating your reality, then your reality is a choice always. Those choices create the perceptual position of your human vessel in space, and how it interacts with that space. Therefore, we are saying that you fortify your “structure” with the choices you make in every moment.  

You see…


Be with this statement for a moment. There is quite a bit of wisdom in it. We have gently explained over time that many things contribute to your perception, which generates your reality. For instance, your childhood laid the groundwork for your morals, your values, your integrity, and so on. These variables, then, laid the foundation upon which you cast your perception of the world into the world, hence forming your reality.

Your reality is one that your ego generates to keep it safe. In other words, you identify and label things with your mind so that you can exist in a world that “makes sense”. But when one of the foundational fabrics of your colored world is challenged and you choose to change a belief, your ENTIRE reality changes when you realize it or not.

Very generally speaking, when you have a joyful, open-hearted experience, you grow and expand the heart in your beliefs of what is possible to bring in love. Again, very generally speaking, when you have had a hurtful experience of your world, you had learned to contract or limit the heart and your experience of love, thereby fortifying your fortress of protection around the heart to prevent that hurt again.

Now, here is the important part… when you CHOOSE to expand past hurt to attempt to love regardless of the past pain, you are breaking a limiting belief system that you imposed upon yourself in your world. Effectively, these are the moments when true spiritual growth happens. You make a choice to un-limit yourself from a limiting pattern that you had once created. Until you are willing to do this, however, you are stuck in a limited experience of consciousness, and therefore a limited experience of the world WITHIN YOUR LIMITED REALITY.

Hence, you have the journey of the spirit and your purpose for being a being on the planet. You live and breathe to experience breaking through limiting patterns and belief systems that, for so long, have limited your spiritual evolution. Think about it. For lifetimes, you have repeated patterns because you were preventing yourself from spiritual injunctions. Why? Because you believed this world was limited to the experiences that the “things” in this world could provide, rather than keeping your heart’s eye on consciousness itself.

It is not this world that creates the items that create the experiences. It is consciousness itself, displaying itself in its many forms, through many beings that create the “things” you play with on the Earthly dimension time after time. So… if you choose to change your consciousness and your focus of it, you can choose to fortify your fortress with the experiences of unlimited Cosmic Love, rather than with limited Earth-bound consciousness. One choice grows your attachments TO this plane. The other grows you BEYOND it, WHILE experiencing all of it. As always, it is all a choice for you to make in any moment.

Consider this… do you want a fortress at all? Would you not rather JUST be open to life? In this way, perhaps you could be open to knowing that pain and pleasure have their roles to play IN your experience, but they DO NOT DEFINE your experience, unless you choose to believe they do. Do you see your power here? If so, then why not choose to build an open emporium, rather than a fortress. There you can thrive on the commerce of life in an open market. There you can have all of the experiences, and live dutifully happy. Again, be with this. Dutifully happy… hmmm…

It IS all a choice.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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