Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


Wayshowers... greetings. We come to you today with a message of hope. The New World your hearts have sought is waiting in the wings. It is here, it is simply settling in.

Imagine for a moment sitting at the summit of the highest mountain, not with fear in your hearts, but with the gentlest wind upon your face, and a clear knowing that all is well. For a moment allow yourself to look ahead to the coming year, then the next 15 and 18 months, and finally the next two years. All while doing this, knowing... 


You have just set an intention for yourself, and your vision for the world, that during the next two years' time, you will experience, or continue to experience on deeper levels, THAT all is well. Truly, it is. That is the highest truth. No belief lower than this can or will ever shake consciousness' knowledge of that very high teaching and truth. Feel into that for a moment.

If consciousness knows that all is well and you are part of that very consciousness, then what has you believing that anything less than this should be your truth?

While the world you presently exist in feels sticky, unknown, and concerning at times, you need to see the mountain summit. You need to understand that must see the end from the beginning for that end to manifest. For if you "see" brokenness, you will continue to experience it.

In the next little time in humanity's convalescing, your hearts, individual and collective, are literally being given the opportunity to heal from ignorance and untruth created in the material, human world. You are returning to Source now, and all we ask is that you hang with us, as the balance of light is returned to the planet. It may look one way to an untrained eye. But to those that know higher truths, you know that Revelations reveals that certain end must occur to give way to Camelot in the Golden Age.

Yes, the Golden Age is upon you. Its energies have arrived, and they are forcing out the illusionary "evils". Think on this. If the material is illusory, then that which gains it strength from backing the illusory is ALL an illusion. Therefore, the "evil" is all a creation of the material world. But this is not the truth of any of you. In other words, you do not come from the material, nor will you return to it when you leave this plane. So what really, then, is this battle with? It is a battle of the ego and its attachments to the illusory world. But Good News has arrived.

The Golden Age is the age of New Beginnings and heart-centered, conscious forward progress. This Age returns humans to the truth of who and what they are - conscious creators, not from the Earth plane, but here to awaken with Her.

While these "new" energies of full remembrance infiltrate the darkness of ignorance,  they shed light on all that is out of integrity. How this occurs? Well, you are seeing it in many ways. All that is out of integrity or in seeming disarray, is there to bring harmony. Start viewing it that way, and you can then not be shook from your foundations of truth while the overall continues.

We only ask at this time that you hold onto your truths, while untruth is unearthed and neutralized. Give not into fear, but hang tight and ride this incredible wave of change directly into your birthrights of Golden Harmony. We will be at your back, as well as leading the charge, for your entire journey, and we will absolutely be there to greet you when you arrive Home directly into this new consciousness full on.

For now, keep on keeping on, while we cheer and steer you. Look for us. We are directly at the Heart of the Matter... in each of you.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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