Where the Stars Meet the Sea by CJ Kern


Wayshowers, we recently shared with you that it is time for shift from distractions. To do so, you must instead choose to step into the shoes you were born to wear. To do this, it is requisite for you all to use the basics. Everything you know, you must now apply.

This is as simple as finding your breath when things "appear" to not be ok. We assure you, EVERYTHING is ok. As always, everything was and is ok, and all WILL BE ok. Nothing is out of place. Nothing can disrupt the perfection of the setup. 

This does not mean not to apply a minimum amount of practicality should you need to. After all, you are human, right? Or are you? See, you are not from Earth, nor will you return to it when you leave Earth. When you change forms, you will continue your journey on the astral plane. Your soul may one day again take a human body, but you... who you are right in this moment with your personality intact, will in fact have completed your human journey.

You do not come here with material goods, nor can you take them with you when you leave. So why attach to them so while you are here?

Actually the name of the game is "play the game without attaching TO the game". To "win" on this dimension, you must transcend that which you believe it offers you. Otherwise, entrapment, further karma, extra lifetimes, etc are yours.

So... USE WHAT YOU KNOW... breath, kindness (including and specifically to self), compassionate detachment (disassociating from drama with compassion for those who cannot), and laughter. Smiles and laughter transmute negativity faster than a speeding bullet. Instead, fire bullets of consciousness from your wise heart, and allow it to light the path of right conduct.

The world needs your light at this time because so many of its inhabitants know not the way. However, they MUST come onto the path of awakened consciousness eventually, and you have already begun it in some capacities. But you must use what you know to truly be an example that sets itself apart from the pack. UNLESS it is ALL heart, pack mentality will no longer prevail.

So to shift the pack toward love, you must BE love. But you cannot do so if you are acting from fear. When fear is near, steer clear and be a seer who uses their gear. We have prepared you for this "battle", you know the way, now you must walk the walk so that others may soon follow, and reflect to you that the new world has arrived. There, you will be most safe. Love and be loved.

With so much love in our hearts for you,


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