Mental Power

3 o’clock

Main Purpose:  Where you bring Love in to activate and fuel the higher mind.



March 20 – April 18


In Cosmic Astrology, Aries is the sign of Conscious Discipline, where you diligently choose to make all your thoughts Loving. This is the first of three signs that encompass the mental body. In the new system, the mental body refers to the higher consciousness, which every human is equipped to access with diligent focus and discipline.. This is the area of your energy field where your higher consciousness dwells.  In 3D astrology, Aries started it all, kicking off the zodiac, which is 3D animal-related. But in Cosmic Astrology it is Capricorn and the spiritual connection to Source that begins the journey.  Aries is the Divine Spark of Creation in 5D astrology, a quantum leap from the Ram’s reality. Like so much in the 3D world, Aries has been so misunderstood as to disempower its function. No wonder it became known as the warrior!


This Aries quality of consciousness can now be seen as the place where you  bring the higher Self into the human experience, by disciplining your mental process and choosing only loving words and thoughts. As you begin to experience the world you create out of this disciplined mentality, your mind heart balance begins to activate.   The Aries consciousness is expressed in the 3 o’clock hour, which corresponds to the 6th house of the birth chart. Here you work with great focus to bring your Self into alignment, mind, heart, body and spirit. In 5D it is essential to make the connection between spirit and mind first. “In the beginning was the Word….”


Wherever Aries is in your birth chart you are empowered to bring your higher consciousness on line, and to activate the creator function within you as a result. This is a place where some struggle and conflict is inevitable, because it is essential to break through the cocoon of self-absorption, which was the Aries focus for so long. Here it becomes essential to move the self past the experience of separation and aloneness, in order to become the leader who is unafraid to create out of a more unified consciousness. If your sun Sign is Aries, you are here to metabolize the Light of the Sun (Son) into Love so that you may shine brightly as the great pioneer you are.


Famous Aries

Maya Angelou, Hugh Hefner, Marlon Brando, Elton John, Billie Holiday, Celine Dion, Stephen Sondheim, Vincent Van Gogh, Ram Dass, Kofi Annan, Elizabeth C. Prophet, David Blane, Leonardo Da Vinci, Quentin Tarantino