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Imagine that you’re scheduled for surgery (figuratively) this week, in the midst of all these storms. Let your imagination run wild. The lights are going in and out, the basement of the hospital is flooded, and the electricity is behaving so weirdly that the equipment being used could short circuit or stop working at any moment. That is a lot like the energies of the week, yet by next weekend, we will each be equipped with entirely new mental operating systems.


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We are squarely in the Eris station, with Eris going direct tomorrow. She will be moving forward in the midst of one of the most powerful storms she’s ever wrought (and she is well known for her uprisings). She will be in her storm until January 21, when she begins to move in earnest (albeit slowly as ever).


Eris is on her way to a most important meeting with Uranus (a three part connection that begins in June and ends in the spring of 2017). This meeting will produce the greatest shift in consciousness this planet has experienced to date. Everything that Eris does between now and June is designed to clear and prepare our own inner higher Ground for inhabiting, (which means the higher Ground of the planet is being prepared in the same way).


Back to that operating table. We’re under anesthesia (courtesy of the Saturn Neptune connection), and doctors of the highest order are performing an upgrade to the mind. The operation isn’t exactly physical, but here on this planet nothing is experienced if isn’t physical too. During the course of this week (operation) we will be the beneficiaries of all new operating systems that take our lower minds off line and install newly upgraded higher minds that will be ours for good.


Somewhere during the week, the heart will need to be stopped for a moment, during the reboot. Paddles may be used, or not, but we will be brought back to a new life without a doubt. A little later in the course of the operation, the higher Mind will be flooded with all kinds of new keys and codes, with which we will be able to make our ways into a new world.


We’ve seen the new world, been introduced to it, but our physicality has not been wired well enough to be able to enter into and live there. This week’s energies will make it possible, and the events of the next 6 months will help us to establish our Selves fully in the new energies.


Think highest medical consciousness, the kind we have only been able to catch glimpses of so far, and the ultimate form of Faith in the higher Self, to keep us perfectly safe while we are being so profoundly upgraded. There is a remarkable week ahead, unlike any we’ve ever known. No doubt there will be corresponding world events that reflect these same energies.


Sit back and watch the show, and by the time the week is over, you’ll be clear that you have a new operating system that is much more state of the art.


“Everything will be alright in the end.,,,  and if is not, it is not yet the end.” 

— Best Exotic Marigold Hotel