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Talk about an upgrade to our mental operating system! Today is a big day. If it’s at all possible to separate this one day out from the rest of the amazing now moments taking place in this first month of the new (Gregorian) year. The Sun come together with Mercury for an inferior conjunction, one of three this year. An inferior conjunction occurs when the planet that aligns with the Sun sits in between the earth and the Sun, and this can only happen when the planet is retrograde. For the record, there are also three superior conjunctions each year involving the Sun and Mercury, when Mercury is direct and on the other side of the Sun from the Earth. Every single one of these conjunctions is necessary, as they adjust and realign our mental bodies with great regularity. When you look at it this way, it becomes apparent how essential the mental body is to life on earth.


1 14 16 Mercury (R) Sun New Cycle

1 14 16 Mercury Jupiter Manifestation







An inferior conjunction, like the one we experience today, occurs always right smack in the middle of a retrograde cycle. It marks the halfway point, and almost always coincides with a considerable download of information that helps us to begin to grasp the essence of the current retrograde journey. Does that make sense? The retrograde Mercury is always making an adjustment, or a realignment of the mind with the rest of our experience. This Sun Mercury conjunction today should go a long way toward helping us to realize what this particular retrograde means.


And that’s saying a lot, as we are in the middle of one of the most important upgrades we’ve ever known. Our entire mental operating system is being swapped out, if you will. That’s why so many of us are feeling foggy, dumbfounded, exhausted, head-achy, and conversely, able to SEE things that have always been there but that we’ve never been able to perceive before.


Remember that this Mercury retrograde cycle is connected to just about every planet in the soular system by aspect, and that is what an upgrade is all about. The conjunction with the Sun ALWAYS happens during a retrograde, and when you consider that the Sun is the (co)ruler of the Spiritual Body and Mercury is the ruler of the mental body, we are talking today about the Divine Masculine Self.


The Divine  masculine has been itself majorly upgraded this year, and we should begin to understand in no uncertain terms what that looks like (or more appropriately) FEELS like today. To add to this, the Sun Mercury connection occurs right in between a major manifestation between the Sun and Jupiter (yesterday) and Mercury and Jupiter (later today). This delivers us to a new consciousness, as it is manifesting.


There is so much possible here, it boggles the mind. It’s a good thing when the mind is boggled… it leads to major breakthroughs and revelations. We are still in the Eris station too, lest we forget. The storms are still raging, though they are more bearable and less dangerous now. Still, that doesn’t eliminate the discomfort we feel when it’s storming, inside or out.


I suspect when these latest storms are over, (toward the end of the month) we’ll be able to see that just about everything on this planet has changed. … been upgraded. If you have a PC, did you upgrade to Windows 10 recently? Some of you may remember that I did, toward the beginning of the Fall last year. That upgrade changed everything, but first I had to deal with a sh*t storm of problems that could be classified as kinks caused by the upgrade. One by one I got past them, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Windows 10, so much better than the last 5 versions put together. (Did you know that 10 is the number of God?)


Anyway, we are going through something like that right now, but we will be so glad we did when all is said and done. Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today Sun Mercury connection, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks:


  Capricorn 24:  Stalactites and Stalagmites almost grown together.


 “Earth existence is the fusion of the above and the below. When what swells above, in the heaven realms, can be brought into resonance with what is already here below, inside this Earth, a very intensive process begins to do it’s work. And this will carry forward relentlessly and with no reference at all to secondary consideration.

                At the core of this working, a cosmic power is being brought through. This is sensed as being vitally needed in the world below. And it’s structural integrity is so massive that it is very hard to translate into a form that other human beings can assimilate.

                Nonetheless, it’s dynamic propulsion is of an overwhelming destiny kind. The sensation here is that the whole Earth is going through radical changes and somebody has to be there in the spot to witness and behold, and to draw the lessons and meanings into a common currency.

                A shadow aspect looms large here. Past karmas reverberate. There is a sense that this has happened before and nobody ever responded appropriately. So there can be righteousness, over-identification, inflation. Because this needs to be clear and true and devoid of such loading energies, for the Earth to speak and be served.

                The great bulk of this energy is hidden, is unknown, is out of view. This makes it more potent and decisive. But it also makes tremendous demands upon the one who carries and bears this impulse.

                You just have to be stripping yourself away, surrendering your pictures, viewing everything afresh. Yet the baggage is ancient and empirical. So there will be fatal flaws manifesting. There are times when great truths are revealing through cracked strange vessels.”

Wow, wow, WOW.


“It’s human nature to unthinkingly project present circumstances, people, and feelings into your future, as if those that surround you today will follow wherever you go. 

Until you remember, time’s just an illusion that allows you to project into space only those things you think about. 

No more unthinking”,
    The Universe  (Mike Dooley)


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