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Here is a quote from one of my star students, Sarah Tisch… it’s more like a revelation that she had as she woke yesteray:

“Transcendence uses whatever handle or form that is easiest. So uncomfortable situations arise that push our buttons because these are the easiest ways in-these are the paths we laid down to use. Fighting them, resisting them, is futile and also part of the process.”

I love this concept because it is so completely outside the box. It’s not what we would think, yet it makes perfect sense. Such is the way of the new mental operating system, and there is so much more to come.


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This is a quiet day, but it is also a turning point, as we move from being completely discombobulated and uncomfortable into a much more cohesive, if not unprecedented place. The mind and the heart are so much more homogeneous than ever, and the body, though slow to follow, is beginning to recognize more fully than every its need for balance. The mind and heart will have to find their harmony within the body… that is largely why we are here.


Stay inwardly tuned. The Moon enters Taurus this morning, helping us to ground, but also to expand into the cosmic consciousness. Taurus, represented by the Tree of Life, connects solidly to the earth, and just as solidly to the heavens. There is nowhere that Taurus is not, and physically at that.


This day sees a major shift in our perceptions and the gear with which we go forth from here. It’s clearer, brighter, more resonant with the newer energies we’ve been swimming in these past weeks. The discomforts are either more bearable, even acceptable now, or they are no longer a focus. It isn’t that they will go away. I am not sure that CAN happen, at least not for a while. But the pressures and difficulties we have been experiencing on every level of our being is suddenly no longer the focus.


We have long understood that what we focus on becomes our world… We are being given operating systems that much more readily think loving thoughts than ever before, an this changes everything we experience. With the idea that discomfort just IS, and it’s part of life, fully half of it, it no longer has the gravity and hold on our consciousness that it used to.


The ego seems to have less of a central role to play with this new way of perceiving the world, which means fear is no longer our MO. Reflect on this today, and perceive the ways in which you have transcended pain, fear and discomfort.


Transcendence doesn’t mean the old has disappeared, it’s just being utilized in a completely different way, just as Sarah’s revelation proclaimed.


“There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear.” 

– Bible, 1 John 4:18