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Everyone is feeling it. The Neptune ruled 2016 Spring Worm Hole opens tonight when the Pisces new Moon occurs. Neptune, ruler of dreams and opener of the way to Enlightenment is in attendance. There will be 6 planets in the limitless realm of Pisces tonight, and Venus will arrive in a few days, and more than anything else this means that we are accessing every possible option that could ever be available to us, and we have the life altering opportunity to learn to open and receive our greatest most cherished dreams.

The success that is available now is made possible when we learn to stay the center of the fine line between the masculine ‘doing’ and the feminine ‘being’. These next 4 weeks are as much a time to be still and open to the energies that are permeating our energy fields, as they are to be open-hearted and so liberated from fear that we freely move wherever our hearts are resonating.

MAR 8 2016 Virgo New Moon Total Solar Eclipse

MAR 8 2016 Sun Jupiter Bridge







This New Moon eclipse is exactly conjunct Chiron and in an exact bridge (opposition/polarity) with Jupiter. The Nodes, which are always involved in an eclipse, are EXACTLY conjoined with the new Moon and the Chiron/Jupiter bridge, and that is very VERY rare indeed.


Everything about this total solar eclipse is rare. That Neptune is in residence is almost beyond comprehension. That is a good thing, though, because we no longer need to understand what is happening. We need to allow our Selves the full blown experience, and then we can know, in ways that were never possible before, what has taken place.


This new Moon will deliver us to a Full Moon on March 23 at 2 Libra. Conjunct Haumea and the Super Galactic Center, which is a major SOURCE energy. Haumea is the new 5D archetype that serves as the ‘wholeness’ ambassador, a mother energy with a great respect for her “offspring” and for all the spaces in between each of the parts. n Haumea’s consciousness, all the parts are celebrated for who they are individually, and then, even more importantly, for the Oneness they constitute.


The Jupiter Chiron Bridge promises personal mastery as we undertake this passageway, and Mars’ preparatory journey toward his retrograde cycle (activating AFTER the worm hole is completed) will swap out the current physical operating system for an entirely upgraded one.


This is an energy gathering journey, one that requires adaptability and the freedom to BE as you are. Walking on water, breathing under water, swimming with the whales and the dolphins, and so much more, are options readily available to us all now. We must be thinking out side the box and prepare to ride the sideways elevator. It is coming.


Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s eclipse degree, reprinted with his permission from his book Star Sparks:


  Pisces 20:  A perfect black cube sits alone in the desert.


Concentrating purposively within the core. Giving no energy whatsoever to the rest of life. But upon the task, the assignments, what is given to fulfill. Sparing no part of consciousness for anything else.

                Ruthlessly intent upon pursuing what is intended in a total way. No flexibility, no fluency, no ease. Just the barest essentials, penetrated into with this fierce clarity of being that knows something else and will only intensify it’s quest and it’s striving under any and all conditions.

                The hyper-specialized emphasis upon making something manifest in this world that would not be here otherwise. Monolithic faculties of putting everything on the line. Stupendous capacity for results, for doing what this frequency sets out to do.

                Suffering from a lack of self-compassion, an absence of life’s graces. Given quite a deep shadow of gnawing hunger for everything denied and pushed away. Definitely forged underneath into a certain rebellion against and reaction toward the severe methods and modes of the one in charge.

                Yet primarily geared for the practical and the earth-intensive gathering of all faculties for optimal effect and productivity. Brilliant in commanding as well whatever resources are needed, from any and every sphere that is most relevant and compelling. Set to the job, nothing else matters really.

                The one out there all alone at their earthly outpost, asked to gather information and to stay in tune with any and every level of what is coming forth inside the collective at any time. The one who is left out there to dry-somebody’s gotta do it.

                An exquisite grasp of what is here, where it takes us, and what we must do to fulfill the design. An amoral sensibility. The ends justify the means. What counts in the end is to know that you’ve done it, that the impossible was perfectly carried through.”


“The quest for certainty blocks the search for meaning. Uncertainty is the very condition to impel man to unfold his powers.” 

– Erich Fromm


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