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On this last day of March, Mercury makes his way to a new cycle (conjunction) with Uranus. This is a SUPER conjunction, in that Mercury both conjoins AND parallels Uranus today. That makes this new beginning multidimensional and much more all pervasive than first glance might reveal. On Saturday Mercury will connect with Eris, and by the time this worm hole is over (on the 7th of April), we will be well on our way to a new understanding of the new world.


MAR 31 2016 Mercury Uranus New Cycle


Mercury Uranus connections are always about revelations, breakthroughs, and new understandings. There could be huge medical news, or actually news of major change on any level, in any arena. With Eris next in line, and already greatly activating a new awakened consciousness in all of us, the news today promises to be just the tip of the iceberg.


It’s important to note that when Eris is involved, disruption is to be expected. It’s part of the plot. Whatever Eris does to upset the balance of things will invariably deliver us to a new awareness and eventually to a whole new belief system. Eris is the female version of Uranus. Uranus’ revelations occur at the mental level, and Eris’ occur within, at the core, in the heart.


Put these two together and ascension occurs. Male Female balance ALWAYS yields ascension. This all FEELS new to us. Before we arrive at the new consciousness, it feels unfamiliar and we are sure we have no idea where we are. But the Truth is, we are home, and we never left, and so the one blind step, or the small lift we allow delivers us to THE most familiar place we’ve ever known.


Approaching a place we think we don’t know can produce fear, and many of us are experiencing the recurrence of some very ancient, very core fears. Let them come, let them go. It’s a clearing, nothing more. How can we allow all new consciousness in if we’re filled with those very dense ancient belief systems?


Today we take our first foray into the new world, which is actually a new consciousness. Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Mercury Uranus new cycle, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks. (It’s important to remember that since yesterday Mercury has been triggering the upcoming new Moon/end of the worm hole degree, so be open to perceiving this new cycle for the new consciousness it is… it’s ALL new).

Aries 20:  An empty courtyard.

Keeping an open mind, letting all options still be there, making sure not to fill the life with too much stuff. Somebody knows how to counter the poisons of the times by not going for the kill, not buying the program, hanging loose and hoping for the best.

                Maintaining this attitude is the world’s greatest challenge. Everybody and everything says “you won’t get anywhere this way”. But this is not about getting somewhere. It’s about clearing out, making way.

                Freedom sparks strange choices. We must stay with ourselves in a spacious way, while knowing very little about ourselves that we can be confident and sure of. It’s a matter of heading in the right direction and recklessly disregarding good advice, well-meant reflections.

                Something can be offered in tough, hard situations from this place that would never be there otherwise. A brilliant capacity to attune to all kinds of messes and strange combinations is in evidence. Nobody in the way of getting what’s going on and doing something about it.

                However, self-compassion, self-accompaniment, self-forgiveness, self-appreciation are very hard to come by here. The self is taken as a given. The world is taken as a place you gotta meet and not drag your feet. The picture held of the self/world continuum is harsh and painful and alienating.

                The path turns toward coming to terms with the missing part. To be there for self is sometimes an art form we are clumsy and awkward within. Do we deserve an affirmative attention?

                Well, everybody else does. But the self seems not to count somehow. To get in there after this illusion is quite a task and worth the effort completely.”


“Thought is cause: experience is effect.  If you don’t like the effects in your life, you have to change the nature of your thinking.”

– Marianne Williamson


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