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 Here is a passage from Patricia Cota-Robles’ latest missive:  (If you’d like to read the whole article, please CLICK HERE:)

We have just passed through the most intensified and life-transforming influx of Light the Earth has ever received. According to the Company of Heaven, this Light was accepted and effectively assimilated by literally millions of Awakened Lightworkers on behalf of Humanity and all Life evolving on this sweet Earth. Opportunities like the celestial alignments we have just experienced have periodically occurred in the past, but in order for the increased Light from these alignments to be secured in the physical plane that Light must be anchored within the Heart Flames of the Sons and Daughters of God embodied on Earth, through our own conscious endeavors. This is why it is often stated that “GOD NEEDS A BODY.”

These comments are in direct alignment with my own guidance from the Ascended Masters, which has been proclaiming the ultimate transmutation of the physical realm with this upcoming Mars retrograde cycle…

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Today we are resonating with a number of planetary connections that have taken place within the past few days… Mercury has completed his connection with both Uranus and Eris, and Venus, Ceres and Chiron have all made their connections with each other and with the Earth Star chakra, the Moon’s South Node, representing the collective karmic expression. Saturn is still sitting in his station, preparing to begin his retrograde motion in earnest, and while he does so, he prepares for a major meeting with Mars, AFTER the ruler of the physical body has completed his upgrade to our outdated operating system.

The Aries new Moon has already been triggered by Mercury’s transit (yesterday morning at 6:30am EDT). New energies that turned up yesterday, just as Mercury connected with Eris, have provided a preview of what’s to come. There was a volcano in Mexico that activated yesterday, and that is an Eris event if ever there was one. Physical earth changes are most certainly on the agenda, as are wild weather changes that may turn out to be permanent.

No fear please, loved Ones, stay tuned to your inner guidance for the most promising security updates, and be sure to follow your intuitive awareness without hesitation. Hesitation is, after all, fear. Don’t go into your head to listen to your heart… that does not work. It never has and it never will. Intuitive guidance ‘pops’ into your consciousness and it is FAR more a knowing than a question. If you have a Knowing and then you question it, you will likely not follow your guidance.

If you’re going about your errands and all of a sudden you have a major urge to go to the beach for the weekend, or to go visit your sister in Cleveland, or anything that moves you out of your current location, you might want to listen. But don’t agonize over it. If it’s meant to be it will flow together easily. If you wind up working hard to make it happen, it’s probably a false (mental) alarm.

We awakened ones are equipped with supersensitive alarm systems, and we don’t have to worry for our safety. Well, in Truth, if we are really awake, we are not afraid of transitioning anyway. Not that it’s very likely.. The Mother (earth) needs us here for the time being. That is true across the board UNLESS you have truly decided to serve with your unified consciousness from the invisible realm. Most of us are not there yet, so please, don’t be concerned.

We are here to hold the Light and be the Love the world needs so badly when earth changes and other wild events occur. If Love is not present, and in vast amounts, fear has a much greater chance to take hold. Think of fear as darkness (it’s a metaphor). Now imagine lighting one candle (representing Love), and you can immediately realize the incredible power of Love to dissipate darkness entirely. If we can all be the candles, we may not even notice the changes taking place.

They have to happen. They are prerequisites to the manifestation of the new world. We are here to serve as the avant garde, to hold the space for the new world to make itself known. We know this is true. Our work is to be sure we are solidly rooted in this belief, so that when the moment comes, we are fully available to Be the Love the world requires.

The next couple of weeks are filled with change. We can be the force that holds the new order together while the old one falls apart. This is it. We all came for this passage. Are you ready?

“It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness.”