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The Moon moves into Aries this morning and now, in the dark of the Moon, five planetary archetypes gather to produce an amazing and in many ways unprecedented new chapter. The dark of the Moon is akin to the moment in planting when the seed of a new life has just been placed in the ground. It lies dormant. It has no roots, no impetus to grow, only the perfect peace and stillness of perfectly fertile ground. But this is no ordinary ground. The moment the Sun and Moon come together to bring that seed into the growth process, they will run into Uranus and Eris, and the new life will take some unprecedented turns.

4 6 15 Sun Pluto Stepping Stone

We have had some glimpses of what could come, when Mercury came together with Uranus and Eris a week or so ago and we all got redirected in ways we didn’t expect. That was thrilling. Now the Sun and Moon bring great consciousness to this new energy, but not without the input of some other very significant archetypes as well.

When the Moon moves into Aries this morning, she will run right into Venus, less than 90 minutes after entering the dark of the Moon (still) phase. That means that Venus, conjunct the world axis, is very much a participant in tomorrow’s new Moon. World events should be significant, especially around women, and while we have seen this issue up quite a bunch this past week, we may very well see a huge popular swing that results from it all.

Also before tomorrow’s lunation, which marks the end of the worm hole and the beginning of a huge new chapter, the Sun will form a stepping stone with Pluto late this afternoon (EDT), and then the Moon will do the same with Pluto less than on hour before the New Moon event. That means Pluto is ALSO participating in this New Moon chapter. Pluto is just pulling into his station, where he will sit and then go retrograde on April 18th, just hours after Mars does the same.

This is SO important because the New Moon stepping stone with Pluto becomes the major contributor to the upcoming Mars/Pluto retrogrades. Both stations occur inside this new Moon phase. That means that this new chapter, informed by Venus, Pluto Uranus and Eris, and disposed by Mars and Saturn (who is currently ruling Pluto), will take quite some time to play out completely.

It will certainly deliver us into the Fall, courtesy of Mars and Saturn, and then to the Spring of 2017, by virtue of the Uranus Eris conjunction. This is absolutely the new world. The only thing that matters from here on in is that we contribute only Faith and Trust to the new order with our very thoughts, words and deeds. Any older, more fear based energy can only serve to recreate the old world.

Most will be able to move on now. If you continue to hold on to your past in any way, you will find that you are delaying your Self. But fear not. The new world will be there waiting for you whenever you decide you deserve it.

“When you become comfortable with uncertainty, infinite possibilities open up in your life.”

Eckhart Tolle