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 I want to thank Sonreya for this comment left on the Daily Blog yesterday: “Let’s remember how on that amazing day 12/25/2012  Stephanie wrote: ‘the Sun and Saturn represent the infusion of life and light into the alchemical process of manifestation. Saturn will be in Scorpio for the next two and half years, which means that the Sun will connect with Saturn three times in this sign, kicking off three different phases of the manifestation process. This one, occurring at 3 Scorpio, represents the beginning of the manifestation process.’ Today’s full moon must be bringing to full fruition that  process of transformation initiated on 12/25/2012.  I can’t think of anything to do except say “Yes” to Source Energy and the greater Plan for awakening and surrender to it physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually!

You know, because my daily blog is channeled, I rarely have a crystal clear awareness of what I put into words day to day, so this quote really grabbed me. On 12/25/12, I had just been released from a 10 day hospital stay after a sudden kidney failure and near death experience. That bout with the line between the worlds was activated when a freak virus decided to go autoimmune on me. That virus felt almost exactly like the one I have had this week, and when it started, I dealt with the very real option of choosing fear. I did not, and the choice to nurture my Self (which is EXACTLY what I learned how to do from that original experience), delivered me to a week of introspection and revelation about physicality and what it means.

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That first Sun Saturn conjunction on Christmas Day, 2012 occurred at the same exact degree as the Full Moon yesterday, and that connects the events of these two days without question. For me, the events of 2012 taught me not to fear the transition, which is likely why I did not choose fear this time around.

One interesting fact is that I have not had the slightest cold (though I did develop asthma) since that Christmas time until now. I did receive an infusion of chemotherapy back then to reset my immune system, and in many ways this severe ear infection and upper respiratory issue is the first time my immune system gave way since then.

But life is so different now. That Christmas we all walked together through a portal that has since delivered us to the new world. The body is a completely different thing now. It is divine, (well it has always been, we just didn’t see it that way), and it speaks to us when nothing else gets through. This ear infection this week has been my body’s expression of my most core issue, the same issue that caused my kidney failure 3 1/2 years ago, that of the lack of mother nurturing I received in this lifetime.

I am a grown woman, and I don’t hold any grudges against my mother, who is now 88. She came to New York last weekend, to spend time with much of my family… cousins, aunts uncles and the like, and she let me know before she got here that she didn’t have time for me or her grandchildren (my kids). She spent the weekend with my very rich brother and his family, who also apparently had no time for me. It’s all good, believe me.. it’s just stuff I don’t want to hear about.

Hey, not wanting to hear it, from the beginning of my life until now (it’s a core issue), is WAY better than not feeling I can nurture my Self because no one taught me how (which was the kidney issue). I’ve come a long way. I also listen to my body much better than before, and nurture my Self just fine these days.

How is your life mirroring the events of Christmas time 2012? What manifestation process began back then that is coming full circle now?

All this brings me and all of us to the Venus connection with Uranus and Eris this weekend. The loss of one of our lifetime’s most original artists kicked it off, and there’s likely more where that sudden loss came from. Everything that happens under these aspects jars us but wakes us up to a whole new dimension of understanding. Venus came together with Uranus yesterday just after the Full Scorpio Moon, and she will come together with Eris on Sunday. That makes this whole weekend a Uranus Eris sandwich on Venusian bread.

Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation on the Venus Uranus conjunction, reprinted with his permission from his book Star Sparks:

Aries 22:  Puppets coming alive at night.

Being entranced with oneself and everything one can create, imagine, conceive and become. Finding oneself to be enthralling, stunning, more than ever could be thought or manifested outwardly. And disappearing into the fabulous folds of one’s own internal depths, as well as the multiple ripples of a similar kind in the world around.

                An extreme state. One of the most [multidimensional], expandable and super-fertile of conditions. Essentially being open to the personal soul in all it’s contours forever.

                This is a path where self has to be engaged. You cannot get around yourself. Instead, the personal soul, the immediate experience, is sensed to be so very engrossing and consuming that it would be dishonest and hypocritical to pretend in any way that there’s anything else going on, other than selves like this one doing their dances of destiny, in their own free, wild, spontaneous fashion.

                Elaborate permission for any and every side of self and it’s most intimate world to play through as it will. A determination not to suppress or deny, not to relativize or minimize the interior experiential journeys and explorations of this all-powerful creator of worlds.

                A sense of pushing this kind of thing to the brink and beyond. No place to stop. No rules, no laws, no standards. Just the sheer experiential thrust of whatever can be churned up and innovated and made possible.

                Certainly a streak of being provocative and pushing and self-obsessed. Easily a pure overflow of internal life force into every kind of arena that can be harnessed and given into way far into the night.

                Yet also a design, an intent, an exceedingly strong desire to break through anything and everything, including this pattern itself. The fever of it can go on forever. Yet the inside witness seeks the ultimate outcome at all cost.”


“A strong spirit transcends rules.”


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