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 That Scorpio Full Moon Friday morning in combination with Venus’ visit to the Uranus Eris event that is percolating very nicely now seems to me to have transformed everything. Venus comes together with Eris early this morning (around 6am EDT), to complete the ultimate circuit of four (of the 5) lower body rulers connecting and calibrating with the unprecedented newly awakening energy. Can you tell that absolutely everything has changed?

4 24 16 Venus Eris New Cycle

Of course, this lower body recalibration with the newly awakened energies won’t truly be completed until Mars comes around to Aries, and since Mars is going to spend the next two months retrograde and then another month or so recovering his direct shadow in Sagittarius, it’s going to take quite some time for this ultimate upgraded circuitry to happen.

Mars’ retrograde is all about the upgrade to the physical, and to our energy, and this is required before the ultimate completion can take place. Mars will make his way to Uranus and Eris between February 26 and February 28 2017, you guessed it, just a couple of weeks before Uranus and Eris complete their third conjunction. YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP.

More than anything, this is solid evidence of the fact that those planets are reflecting what is going on within. With our newly awakened consciousness, it is so much easier to understand what the Cosmos is for. Like everything else, we have been SO misguided about what it is we perceive ‘out there’. That’s likely because we’ve been so misguided about who we are and what we’ve been capable of for all the aeons.

Today’s Venus Eris conjunction is likely to bring some more disruption. I like that word disruption, much better than upheaval or chaos, because disruption carries with it the idea that things were once a certain way, and they are no more. Also, disruption implies that whatever has been interrupted will not stay that way forever.

What we have learned from Eris’ activities is that whatever her archetype expresses, it always leads to greater perception and awakening. And that’s the point. You know, Eris entered Aries in 1926, which means that with few exceptions, everyone on the planet has Eris in Aries, and with each new degree Eris transits, we all awaken en masse to whatever she manages to provoke in our consciousness. (Of course, that provocation comes from within, not from the planet herself). The planet is a reflection of what is taking place within.

Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Venus Eris new cycle, reprinted with the author’s permission, from his book Star Sparks:

Aries 24:   A harp which plays itself.

I empty myself of my own experience and I am filled by what we are moving through here. I deprive myself of the privilege to make my own music. Then the music that exists finds that I am just the one to tune and respond.

                I am greatly delighted to be able to make way. It releases me from the burden of separative selfhood. Each arising occasion becomes yet another opportunity to divest myself of baggage and become attuned to something I’ve never had before, I’ve never been ready to make way for till now.

                When I am on, everything that needs to happen flows through me and I facilitate events, experiences, encounters, epiphanies. That frequency of staying on the beam with what arises in the free moment is where I can shine, for I know how to be light, clear, effortless. I am aware of what it takes to let all of us be present, each of us as fully as we can be in this crystalline breath.

                I do not know what to do with myself when I am supposed to get on with my own concerns. I have nothing really to do. I only come alive when the pulse is engaged. There is nothing else to even prepare for or pretend to be aroused by.

                So I come across as simple-pointed and almost narrow. I certainly am purposive and steady on. But it’s the receptivity, the availability, the quiet interior resource which is actually what I manifest in this life.

                I am a partner in a dance. I am one part of a greater whole. My facet is complete unto itself. Yet it really takes a shared moment for this to come alive as intended. I live for the sensation of being tapped, of being asked to give of my essence and let the truth resound all through my being. How can I not seek the charged moment of encounter? I am the breath of new life, awaiting winds that blow.”

This is the moment when the ruler of the emotional body (Venus) comes together with the Disruptor energies of the female awakener, and everything shifts…..

“Emotional turmoil tells us that we have an unconscious belief that isn’t true. … The emotional body is a fantastic way to enter into anything and everything that needs to  be seen. It i an entry point into any illusion, anything that causes a sense of separation.”

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