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 The new 5D planets are profoundly active at this time (of course), and with the inner planets all changing direction, changing signs, or aspecting these outer planets, their energies are really standing out. That they move so slowly means they come into and hold their positions for a very long time, and when they come into aspect (or relationship) with one of the older slower planets, such as Neptune, these connections tend to produce hugely transformational life experiences. Some of these are personal, most of them are global, but no one escapes the effects of these huge transits.

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Take a look at today’s chart and note that there are a few planets that are in such a long term connection (relationship) with each other. Orcus is in a bridge with Neptune, and though it may not look like they are very close to an opposition right now, they are, energetically, in a major, ongoing bridge that will be exact a few more times before this transit is complete.

Orcus gives us access to the invisible realm, where we exist when we are not in physical form. We know it well, and Orcus provides our Soul’s promise, for this lifetime, and for our return to the other world. Neptune is the planet of Enlightenment, and this long term open bridge is delivering each of us to the awakened realization of our eternal nature that goes so far beyond the physical.

Haumea is in a bridge with Uranus and Eris, and each time a lower body ruler comes together with Uranus and Eris, the bridge to Haumea (AND Spica and Arcturus, both fixed at 22 – 23 Libra) opens up for us. This is a HUGELY prolonged connection that is taking each and every one of us to unity consciousness, to the experience of wholeness that can only be accessed with an ascended consciousness (Uranus/Eris).

I mentioned the upcoming months that are focused on Mercury’s connection with Sedna (and Vesta) yesterday.. Please go back and read it if you missed it. This would not be such a magnificent and important connection is Mercury were just passing by. That transit would take one day, and though it might be powerful and meaningful, it would be nothing compared to the 6 or 7 weeks ahead that involve everything the Mercury retrograde brings us to and its connection to Sedna, all of which ultimately delivers us directly to the Uranus Eris conjunction on June 8th…

There’s more, so much more, but those examples alone are enough to take each and every one of us to another level of Self-realization. The greatest thing about Cosmic Consciousness is that it is a language of symbols, and symbols each have thousands of meanings. You don’t have to be fluent in the reading of these symbols to be able to look at them and gain some new kind of expanded awareness. Try it.

“Since everything is a reflection of our minds, everything can be changed by our minds.”

– Buddha