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There are a powerful couple of weeks ahead, marked by the Taurus new Moon conjunct Mercury retrograde (and shortly Venus), in a Grand Manifestation (trine) with Jupiter and Pluto. There is a new physicality that is under construction, and while this new reality is coming together, we are subject to all the circumstances that accompany any work in progress. Things can go wrong, get misplaced, or just plain be out of context. We can get frustrated, angry and impatient if we refuse to remember that all is well and happening as it is meant to be. We will need patience and the discipline to remain centered if we wish to make it through this passage peacefully.

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The New Moon this coming Thursday brings to our consciousness the ongoing grounding process that is necessary to be able to get along in the new physical world. This is an edgy time, largely because of the Moon entering Aries (tomorrow) and causing us to feel very profoundly the unsettling Uranus Eris conjunction that is nearing exactness.

The Grand Trine this week is literally producing a new reality, and the only planet that is not yet intrinsically involved in this new alignment is Mars. That means it will take some time for our physical bodies and our physical world to be transmuted and calibrated properly with the new energies pouring into the planet.

The New Moon on Thursday drives a major Grand Manifestation that takes us to the Full Moon in Sagittarius AND the end of the Mercury retrograde. (May 21 and 22). That Full Moon forms a bridge with the retrograde Mars and it is then that the physical experience comes into polarity with the rest of this reconstruction process.

Even so, it will take Mars another month to complete his retrograde journey, and by then Uranus and Eris will have formed their first (of three) conjunctions. The forming of this new world is somewhat relentless. It is vital to have a spiritual practice of some sort. Something that allows you to regroup and center your Self for a few moments every day.

This Grand Trine is just a tiny portion of the bigger picture that is reflecting our world right now. There is so much more to say. Please check out Christine Clemmer’s weekly column and Sylviane Gianina’s Monthly column for much more perspective on a transformation that is more vast than anything we’ve ever known.

Stay tuned.

“The strings to our past are burned because we need a new beginning.” 

– Caroline Myss