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There’s a transformational weekend ahead, as Mercury pull into his world axis station and the first of two Sagittarius full Moons in a row takes place conjunct Mars. The energies of the bigger planetary picture have been hard to process these past few weeks, but this week, so far, has been a lot easier. Don’t get too complacent, this is the calm before the (Mercury) storm.

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There’s a lot going on inside this “easier” energy. It’s a lot like when a huge wave washes over you, moving over, under and through you, and then the water moves back out, more gently, just before the next huge wave hits again. That’s a lot like what’s been going on this week. Inside that “gentler” energy, we have the chance to get our bearings, to stand up strong and tall again, and we have an idea this time of what’s coming.

It won’t do to decide that we actually understand this whole thing, because we don’t. We can’t. The event isn’t over yet. Nothing that is brand new can ever be completely understood until we’re through it and we’ve come out the other side. Only then can we actually say what it has been. Sometimes we even need to expand more fully into the new space before anything becomes clear.

With Mars conjunct the Full Moon this weekend, and retrograde until June 30th, and then taking until the end of July to return to where he is right now, it’s for certain it’s going to take some expansion (space) before we can say we are fully empowered with the new energies that are being imparted to us now.

Until then, we can look at the world, especially at the changes taking place at lightning speed, to stay with the consciousness that there is profound transformation taking place. What you see on that higher plane of perspective is the new reflection of what is going on within you.

The crumbling world no longer reflects us. But it does call to us, if we’re not to intent on ignoring it, and we can send out all the Light, Love and new consciousness we are being filled with. That energy can not and will never be depleted. The more we send it out, the more we have of it. That’s the nature of abundance in 5D. Give it freely and it comes back even more so.

The Moon moves into Scorpio early this morning and there is literally nothing else going on today. It’s that break in the wave energetic that allows for personal adjustment and re-upping of  strength and faith and anything else we need.

Tomorrow the Sun moves into Gemini and the Full Moon event begins. Today the Sun is at the master degree of Taurus. There is never a time when we are more grounded. And this is the perfect moment to ground your Self in the newness that is not yet fully realized.

Stay tuned to YOU…

“Where is it? Where is it?! Have you seen your future lately…? Oh, there it is! Spinning in the palm of your hand.”

The Universe   (Mike Dooley)