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 What came up yesterday that centered on how important surrender is in your life right now? It might have been about a relationship, or a health issue, of something as simple as dealing with a fear based response that you’re completely used to? That was the Venus Mars bridge that occurred yesterday… Venus Mars meeting in their newest form. Was yesterday a particularly ‘romantic’ day? Or a day that saw yo at odds with your partner? That would have been the classic interpretation of a Venus Mars opposition. But this is a new world, and if you are living in 5D, that bridge offered you a new opportunity to surrender to your higher Self and choose the Path of Love.

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Even if you did experience the older version of this Venus Mars events, there’s good news. There is no longer any reason to be bound by the constraints of the illusion of time, which means you can choose again. You can choose to recognize, right now, that your partner or loved one, or that antagonist in your life is actually your own reflection, asking you to Love your Self better.

In the new consciousness, there is no separation between you and anyone or anything ‘out there’, so that any time you feel particularly drawn to or averted to another person (or anything out there), you have an opportunity to perceive the Truth about your Self.. that is, to SELF-REALIZE.

This is the new meaning of a Venus Mars connection, as it connects and rewires your divine feminine energies. That is, it relates to the part of you that JUST IS, that allows your Self to BE your Self without any judgment or limiting beliefs, and that surrenders to the higher Self and allows for the Truth of your Self to emerge.

Just as you are one with everything you perceive in the world, all the planets and their various connections are also completely connected. Yesterday’s Venus Mars bridge is completely inseparable from tomorrow’s final Jupiter Saturn Stepping Stone. That three part square that began at the end of last summer (2015) has provided the leg up to shift from ‘me and you’ social consciousness to ‘we are all one’ consciousness. From social to spiritual, from ego separation to higher unity.

The Venus Mars bridge provides a personal experience (and perspective) on the theme. Every connection between a personal planet, aka a lower body ruler (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus or Mars) with each other or any other planet, even the 5D planets, produces a personal perspective, which if the observer’s perch is not abandoned, provides the best viewpoint for the new consciousness. This may not always be the case, but it certainly is now.

Stay tuned to YOU, from the Observer’s perspective.

“The appearance of things changes according to the emotions and thus we see magic and beauty in them, while the magic and beauty are really in ourselves.” 

– Kahlil Gibran