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 It’s a big holiday weekend here in the United States, kicking off the Summer. It’s been a wild Winter AND Spring, most of it pretty uncomfortable. It may be obvious by now that life probably isn’t going to get a lot more comfortable in the near future. When we enter a brand new world, the beginning of a huge cycle of human evolution, it goes without saying that we have no idea what it brings. While that in itself is uncomfortable enough, we also have the extra added new discipline of staying our of our addictive tendency to pre-conceive a new scene to contend with. This moment is uncomfortable. Good thing it is so many other things too.

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Did you feel the shift yesterday, when Mars slipped back into Scorpio? Since Mars rules the physical body and all our energy, it should be an easy thing to identify. Sagittarius energy is uplifting, clearing and triumphant, with a fiery touch. Fire, as we know is transmutational, turning whatever it touches into spirit. Scorpio energy is alchemical, in a watery kind of way. Fire lifts up, water goes deep.

This is the very beginning of the descension process. That is, we have been physically cleared and recalibrated to connect physically with the higher mind and spirit, and now, while Mars retrogrades through Scorpio, we will be alchemically transmuted and recalibrated to connect physically with the higher mind and Spirit by balancing properly with the emotional body.

That was the true meaning of the Venus Mars bridge the other day, and the Mercury Mars bridge that is coming up on June 9. All of this will take a while. Mars remains in Scorpio till August 2 and then he reenters Sagittarius for the ultimate recalibration of the lower four body system with the new higher bodies that we now have full blown access to.

The next few weeks will change everything. Just being inside this Blue Moon period that delivers us to a Moon/Galactic Center bridge with the Sun promises to take life here well into the multidimensional. Yes, this has happened before, but we’ve never been so ready for it. We’ve just been through a huge clearing, in fact we’re still in it, that is designed to prepare us for life in the new world.

When you look at it from the observer’s perch, it is clear that we have already arrived. All lower perspectives reflect an ongoing process. This is a great time to stay with the higher perspective. It’s not nearly as uncomfortable.

And while you’re there, stay tuned to you.

“Let this truth go as deep in you as possible: that life is already here, arrived. You are standing on the goal. Don’t ask about the path.”

– Osho