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 From Dublin:

Wow, wow , WOW. Before I get into the good stuff, a reminder about the important stuff is in order… STAY IN YOUR BODY… The energies are so high, people are having really wild accidents everywhere. Watch your head particularly. These newest energies are taking place in the Aries portion of our consciousness, and that means your head is vulnerable, while it is being so profoundly upgraded.

6 9 16 Mercury Sedna New Cycle

6 9 16 Mercury Mars (R) Bridge

Now. That Uranus Eris conjunction did not go unnoticed, am I right? As Derek kept saying over and over again yesterday, “THIS IS JUST DAY 1 PEOPLE”.  And so it is! The energies are off the hook, and all sorts of new options are showing up. When I look around my life, I know that while I’ve been over here in Ireland I had a new refrigerator (because my old one died) and a new range (just because) delivered to my house. My kitchen has been renovated without my presence.

Over here at the workshop, we’ve been exploring a new scientific/business/spiritual model for taking Truth to the world. The only way to describe it in these very early stages is to say that it transcends gender. That is, it takes thought and action past the old male/female paradigms into the place where unity reigns supreme. These words don’t begin to describe what I’m referring to, but that’s because there is no real language for it yet. But there is symbolism, and my symbol for this is MAKEMAKE. It’s a new archetype for us to bring into the physical realm.

I’m sure there will be much more to come in the days and months ahead. This is like a birthing day. Look around your life and determine where the new energies are beginning to make themselves known for you.

Today is also the day when Mercury finally comes together with Sedna and together these two bringers of multidimensional consciousness form a bridge with Mars, and the descension begins with a whole new sense of awareness.

This Mercury Mars bridge marks the ultimate mind/body polarity realignment, and with an archetype like Sedna in the mix, this process is likely to take some highly unusual, unprecedented and unrecognizable turns, at least at first. There has never been a more important time to be open for anything. ESPECIALLY when your world looks very different from what you were expecting, open up and let the new reality in.

Be willing to process it all, at the mental, emotional and physical levels, in order to be well calibrated with the new consciousness. Mars is still retrograde, and so this point, 26 Scorpio, is a sensitive one that will activate here and make much more sense when Mars comes back this way on July 19 and 20. It’s definitely going to take the entire summer for us to even begin to grasp the amazing new features that manifest as a result of these new archetypes coming together and mixing with our lower bodies as they are.

Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Mercury Sedna conjunction, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks:

Taurus 26:  Grotesque rocks in a sand garden.

“A mode of perception which is both idiosyncratic and highly evocative. Seeing certain factors as so very vital. Often these are the ones commonly overlooked. Missing many factors often taken as the whole of what is happening.

Being brought into a distinctive, unique, specialized, highly individualized form of awareness. This brings with it huge blunders and so much wisdom on tap. It is a matter of recognizing that something is missing from this picture, yet that what is known matters greatly.

An assignment. A cosmic task. Go in there and see what is obvious, yet overlooked. Don’t concern yourself with all the things the others are preoccupied within. It is your part to recognize and point out what is crying to be salvaged and restored to it’s rightful place.

A very peculiar edge of eccentricity, of going off the deep end. Almost going out of one’s way to court the exotic, the forbidden, the neglected, the places that perhaps don’t need such exhaustive fascination. Yet it is true that somebody here must love and identify within and track through the spaces which are not so comfortable and easy to grapple with in any other way.

One jeweled wonder comes forth from this realm. If we can see with new eyes and share what we glimpse, we can actually restore a shared feeling for what seems to have been left behind, but is coming toward us from the future. If we can enter upon the Mysteries of these interior realms, even the ones dark and forbidding, we can tap a lost chord and make sure that the synthesis we are all contributing to encompasses those x-factors which upset the (status quo) and the fixed assumptions.

We still are captivated by the strangest things. And we may get pretty far lost in there. Sometimes you need to be gone from ordinary consciousness to probe the innermost secrets.

“Courage is a Love affair with the unknown.”