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In what way has your life been disrupted this past week? It may be obvious, as my situation is, or much more subtle. It may be upsetting and it may be a happy thing. My daughter, who is adopted, found all her natural siblings a couple of days ago, and there are a lot of them. She is very happy, having searched for them for a while, and at the same time it’s a very unsettling thing, facing the prospect of learning about exactly who you are. In what way has your life been uprooted? And whatever way it is, know that this is the beginning of a major new passage that will ultimately deliver each of us to the new world.

6 14 16 Sun Uranus Resource

It’s been an active week so far, after last week’s very eventful aspects. Neptune went retrograde yesterday, and Mercury entered Gemini, his home sign, on Sunday. Additionally Venus and the Sun are both making resourceful sextiles to Uranus and Eris, as a kind of sandwich to the Mercury ingress and the Neptune station.

Everything that’s going on this week is a reverberation of the Uranus Eris conjunction. This new cycle will remain in effect for nearly a year, and at the next Full Moon, a Blue Moon on June 20th that occurs on the World Axis/Galactic Center, Ceres will join Uranus and Eris to produce a rebirthing of the highest order.

The consciousness is already markedly elevated. At the workshop with  my Teacher last week, the group consciousness was so much more clear and awakened than ever before. The difference was palpable. Derek remarked about it at the end of the week, saying we were finally just about there.

This is only the beginning of a prolonged ascension process. We have all come here to partake of it. Neptune’s retrograde, along with the upcoming connection to the South Node Earth Star Chakra, and the bridge to Jupiter/Soul Star, and all the Gemini/Sagittarius activity this month (two Sagitttarius full Moons, among other transits), keeps those winds of change blowing wildly.

We’ll be involved in the descension process all summer and through most of the fall. The descension is the bringing into the physical and emotional Self all the new consciousness. We worked hard to access it, and it turns out the point of it all was to bring it into the earthly realm.

Our true mission, the reason we have come here to this place at this time, has begun. From here on in we must go forth unified and focused on the goal. The polarization of the planet has begun, and a resurrection of the highest order will be the result.

“The vision must be followed by the venture. It is not enough to stare up the steps – we must step up the stairs.” 

– Vance Havner