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This is one of the biggest most energy packed days of the entire year, and the fact that it occurs on the Solstice day means we are in for a season that is characterized with the same energies. This is a Full Moon/Solstice event, and it is very rare. It happens around once in a lifetime. As we know, once in a lifetime events in the cosmos correspond to once in a lifetime events in our lives.

6 20 16 Mercury Saturn Bridge

6 20 16 Mercury Neptune Stepping Stone

6 20 16 Summer Solstice Sun enters Cancer

6 20 16 Sagittarius Full BLUE Moon

I know, I know, that’s a whole lot of different charts for today…but trust me, I chose only SOME of what’s happening today…The Blue Moon occurs on the World Axis. In cosmic consciousness, it is the Spiritual portal of Truth, that connects the higher spiritual body with the physical body. This is the theme of the summer time.

It involved a Jupiter/Soul Star Chakra (North Node) new cycle, which also occurs today. Jupiter is the depositor of today’s Blue Moon. This bodes well, even though we are smack in the middle of a Uranus Eris conjunction and a wisdom crossroad.

Jupiter/SS is a part of that crossroad, along with today’s Mercury Saturn bridge, the stepping stones from Mercury to Jupiter and Neptune, and Neptune himself, who is the final depositor of everything that’s going on right now.

Chiron gives disposition to Jupiter/SS in Virgo, and Chiron is in Pisces, which is being disposed by Neptune. Neptune will spend the whole summertime and much of the fall coming together with the Moon’s South Node, the Earth Star Chakra, our karmic connection to the earth, and because he is in his own sign, Pisces, he is bringing everyone and everything here to enlightenment, at last.

Chiron will be stationing and going retrograde before this week is out, which gives us all the chance to integrate the very profound energies that are taking pace within us this week. Oh, there is so much more. But for now I would like to offer up two of Ellias Lonsdale’s meditations for today’s energies. The degree of the Blue Moon (30 Sagittarius) and the degree of the Jupiter SS new cycle (16 Virgo). These are reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks. There will be more, much more on all these aspects that take place today, as the week unfolds.

  Sagittarius 30:  The completion of a large Persian rug

The Sun Moon Bridge/Full Moon

.                “There is an assignment, a destiny task which falls to me. I am asked to take each and every situation I come into and to witness the pattern, the design, the way it goes. Then I release it through me. I take everything that has been and I let it all go. Sometimes this is very arduous. Other times it is instantaneous, effortless. It doesn’t matter. Whatever way it is, I’ll be there.

                I am fascinated and engrossed in the human dilemma, the soul drama. I have an endless appetite for putting things together and taking them apart. But I am very serious and intent in all that I do. It is one of those tasks that is almost too crucial to let myself be aware of. I don’t want to get in the way. So I pretend it’s just the way I pass time. I act as casual and cool as possible, even with myself. Oddly enough, it works.

                The truth is, though, that there is nothing more vital than what I do. Because I’m around, things move differently. I’m a cross between a catalyst and a loyal follower of the existing pattern as long as I possibly can. My impulse is to preserve, if possible. When that’s not happening, I will get in there and make it obvious that this is not the way the flow is supposed to go.

                I am immensely powerful and deeply hidden. I work between the lines. But I am so good at what I do. I can spend extended cycles in the outlandish assignments. And I will look and act straight the whole while.

                I’ve got a job to do. I am witnessing the whole thing but sometimes you just gotta pay close attention to the weave.”


  Virgo 16:  A jar of camphor crystals.

The Jupiter Soul Star Chakra New Cycle

 “Bearing intact the very thing that can make the difference in how we all go on from here. Accruing a treasure which is both endangered and held for safekeeping.

                What remains sacred and virginal and ultra-pure is the feeling of being close to the earth and having deep touch with everything in earth which is redemptive, regenerative, and worth preserving. These mysteries are held with such respect and reverence that there is no way this inheritance can be turned into anything less than what it truly is.

                What gets tested and tried and perhaps tormented is any conceivable way that we try to frame or structure, to form or give tangible voice to what we carry and what it might mean for others. The moment we put it in quantitative terms, it’s not there. This unfortunately sets up an exceedingly difficult tension to move through.

                We are intended to resist the temptation in all it’s forms to exploit, to advertise, to commercialize in any sense what we are given of the spirit. And even while we do steer clear of the marketplace mentality, we have one further hurdle to pass through, equally off course.

                We must somehow come to a place within that has no lingering pride and self-importance around bearing such a sacred gift. This layer is subtle and deep and hard to get through. We have to learn how to see through our own masks of virtue, of innocence, of integrity, of something set apart from the world which we become bound up within as our story and our myth.

                If we can get through the divergent extremes here, we are capable of bringing back alive a quality of perception and of living which is pristine from the dawn of the world. When this does penetrate through, it is entirely healing and life-giving. It demonstrates the power of holding to our course and staying within what we deeply know, as we re-embody our essence.”


Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems  most challenging.”  

– Joseph Campbell 

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