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 It’s not easy knowing where to start in discussing this week’s planetary events. Yesterday’s new Moon conjunct Sirius seems to have been a game changer, and like most of these huge energetic waves of transformation, it isn’t over yet, and it won’t be clear just what is taking place until it is complete. This conjunction of Sun, Moon, Venus and shortly Mercury with Sirius is ongoing until the superior conjunction of the Sun and Mercury tomorrow. Venus and the Moon have completed their transit of this star, which provides some of the most major downloads we can receive from the higher dimensions. The Sun is connecting with Sirius today, and Mercury will do the same tomorrow. Mercury is out of bounds and will undertake his conjunction with the Sun from uncharted territory. It’s safe to say that until this event is completed, we will be feeling the huge shift, but we will be hard pressed to realize it fully.

7 5 16 Mercury Neptune Manifestation

Meanwhile, Venus and the Sun will soon form a manifestation (trine) with Mars AND Chiron. Talk about transmutation! Chiron, as the depositor of the planets in Virgo, promises a major expansion through Jupiter and the Soul Star chakra (North Node). And of course, Mercury is right behind. That Mercury Mars Grand manifestation with Chiron (on July 10 and 11) marks another major turning point in the ongoing physical transmutation process.

This is a life altering week, and it hasn’t even gotten started. Ceres is moving into polarity with Juno, opening an all important bridge that promises to birth the unity consciousness here on Earth. This bridge will be open while both archetypes cross their respective portals of strength (cusps between power signs and love signs).

The portals of strength happen when the signs once known as cardinal transition into fixed signs. In Cosmic Consciousness, there is no such thing as a cusp, any more than there is a line that can ever exist in an energy field. A portal is a passageway, and inside that portal one experiences both qualities of consciousness, with full access to both.

Ceres is going to move from Aries into Taurus and Juno from Libra into Scorpio, and they will remain within moments of each other in polarity through these portals until mid August. That provides us with more than a month to align our Selves and get familiar with this new consciousness and the access we will have to both sides of the coin. This too is a life altering experience.

It’s worth it to mention that this is the True gift of astrology, to become aware of the reflection as it happens. Most are not looking in that direction (toward the cosmos) and therefore can not perceive this realization as swiftly as we can. When we truly comprehend that all of life is a mirror, and that the cosmos is the reflection of the spiritual body, and when we devote our Selves to the process of becoming conscious of the spiritual, we are granted the gift of multidimensional consciousness.

For now, let’s focus on the procession of planets moving over Sirius. I reprinted Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for the New Moon yesterday, but here is the meditation for the location of Sirius… The author’s permission is given, and this is from his book Star Sparks: 

Cancer 15:    A boarded up doorway that leads to another realm.

A suspended path. Something promised, something hoped for, something held away. Time heals all the deep wounds. The traumas give way when nothing is demanded, all is let go.

                A cycle set aside for catching up with oneself by being ordinary. A constructive form upon this world of earth, met on its own strict terms. An immense capacity to enjoy and to make optimal use of the time to indulge, to be free, to be at ease and in flow in a very outward sense.

                Yet all the while, soul memory is hearkening backward. What is forgotten haunts. What is put out of mind makes the subconscious mind obsessed with the missing part. And this subterranean current is wild, is impetuous, always threatening to upset the basic life pattern and to bring on a reoccurrence of something best left in the past.

                An ambivalent, paradoxical, troubled, yet also sweetly fulfilling way to be. The wonder of it is that these shadows render each fragile detail of ordinary life precious and met with a spirit of gratitude and simple delight. The more the undercurrents are saturated with longings and repasts, the better the ordinary self becomes at turning it all into a basis for the celebration of existence in it’s momentary uprisings.

                A very peculiar edge. Bittersweet, poignant, evocative. Land on top of this is something innocuous, innocent, and exquisitely normal. What can be done in such a soul mood?

                Primarily one thing can come of it. We are granted the most special gift for an emotional intensity of participation within the sense-life in a fashion both traditional and touching. The rural world of good folk returns. The momentary pulse of solid gatherings of a natural kind comes alive. The lost beat of the pristine earth is restored for one time only.

                If we can unite ourselves with this opening, it heralds a great healing. We eventually can move on and feel restored to ourselves. And then we will know we were blessed by Divine Interaction.”



“You are very powerful, provided you know how powerful you are.”

– Yogi Bhajan


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