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 Mercury returns to the ecliptic today, and promptly finds resource with Jupiter. Mercury is slated for a bunch of connections this weekend, following his out of bounds superior conjunction with the Sun (and Sirius) on Wednesday. There’s a whole lot of higher awareness being downloaded, or integrated, or both. It’s going to take all the important connections Mercury is making this weekend to begin to gain some clarity about it all, now that the Great Messenger and ruler of the mental body has returned to the ecliptic.

7 8 16 Mercury Jupiter Resource

While all this processing is going on at the higher levels of our consciousness, the Grand Water Manifestation between Venus, Mars and Chiron is also underway. There is a major alignment this week of the divine feminine Self, and therefore at the collective level as well, to be followed up shortly by the Grand Manifestion of the Sun, Mars and Chiron in about 10 days, which should provide the energy to balance the male/female collective.

I received an email from one of my brilliant students Sheetal Gill today:

“The next UK prime minister will be a woman, the chancellor is likely to be a women, the first in this position and the Scotland leader is a woman.  So if Hilary becomes the next president and I understand the leader of banking in the states is a woman too, there will be a mirror between the UK and USA with female leaders. It makes me feel like the divine feminine is leading the way – what are your views? would be great if could share this on the daily blog.”
It certainly seems clear that the feminine is beginning to make her mark. While none would deny that this is a great and extremely important energetic to be manifesting at this time, to me it is also particularly clear, at least from the viewpoint of America, and I can’t really speak for anything else,  that the Divine Feminine is going to need some serious tweaking.
Still it’s a very good thing that the feminine is taking her place and filling her space. Sheetal went on to say in her email that she has just begun her own business, a woman in a man’s world. That smacks of Hillary Clinton’s position too, though Hillary has had decades of practice and in a sense IS one of the boys.
Still her gender is the beginning of a shift, and that shift is essential. It has to happen any way it can. If the feminine needs tweaking, so will the masculine, and from my point of view it is hard to say which way the tweaking will go at this moment.
At this moment, here in America, the feminine does seem poised to take her place in the world, BUT, Hillary and Trump are still neck and neck, and this thing, with the polarization of duality still needing to go through its motions, could go either way.
What really matters is that whatever happens is just what needs to happen. For me, more and more, the most important thing I can so is to hold the space of Love, which is the same as saying that I must remain centered in the belief that all is well, that nothing happens that isn’t meant to happen, and that it’s all a perfect and divine plan in the end, no matter what we think as it happens.

“Whatever the present moment contains, accept is as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it. Make it your friend and ally, not your enemy. This will miraculously transform your whole life.”

– Eckhart Tolle