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 Check this out, hot off the press from Philip Sedgwick yesterday…Identity Crisis… I Love Philip Sedgwick’s work.. He has devoted his career to the forging of the expanding soular system… His work is priceless. In this article, Philip reports that astronomers have discovered a planet that is being tended to by three Suns! Don’t miss this article, because it points to the expansion that Jupiter is delivering.

7 14 16 Mars Uranus Great Elimnator - Copy

In this article Philip makes it clear that Jupiter is communicating with us from his next transit (of Libra), which begins in September. Talk about an expansion of consciousness that takes us beyond time.

Anne Harris, one of my brilliant students and the author of our Moon reports, commented about Philip’s article:

“It’s definitely a game changer!  The multidimensionality of being sourced from multiple sources has just been awakened in our consciousness.  Don’t you just love the impact that Jupiter is having on us now!  We are just expanding our consciousness by leaps and bounds.”

Indeed. In his article Philip makes mention of Jupiter’s upcoming interactions with Eris, Haumea and he did not mention Uranus toward the end of the year. The end of duality, completing now, leads directly to the end of triangulation as well. We are moving so very rapidly out of this dimension all together.

We only need the will to allow the expansion. Today we are working with Mars’ Great Eliminators with Eris and Uranus. This means we are at a very VERY important fork in the road… It has to do with which path we decide to take, and it affects our physicality and our experience of life on Earth very profoundly.

Remember, it is now possible to travel down all roads simultaneously. Certainly, there will come a time when being on all roads at the same time becomes the norm. At this moment, though, it seems the best use of this capacity is to sense the benefit of each road for the purpose of determining where were are and where we wish to be.

Great Eliminators are always about choosing the high road, but it is becoming more and more complicated to recognize the more illumined path right now. The new paradigm of the mind dictates that only by experiencing what we don’t know can we determine that we do know. It is essential to move in all directions at this time to determine where we can best serve from .

Don’t slow down when faced with a decision.. Know you can send your consciousness down all roads and trust that you will realize what you most need to realize as you go.

Right action does not require thinking. It requires an open heart, faith and trust.


The secret to manifesting on the highest level is to find the perfect amount of doing and non-doing to allow the doing to be done. Sometimes much more can be accomplished simply by letting go and trusting.”

– Jackson Kiddard