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Oh WOW that Eris station is truly a wild card! What a roller coaster ride this is. It’s been this way for a few days now… Upset and upheaval, followed by calm and centeredness (the result of disciplined effort), then more disruption, then calm then some more upset. It’s like being on rough seas with a storm coming. Staying out of fear based response is truly being tested. If this is the way it’s happening for us, this MUST be what is about to be reflected in the world. Not that we haven’t already SEEN and FELT the global disruption. I’ll never forget the moment I realized the TRUE answer to the question “Which came first?” In perfect unity consciousness, how can anything come first? It’s all happening simultaneously. We have to stay centered and focused to remember.

7 20 16 Venus Saturn Manifestation - Copy

We are in the middle of a whole bunch of Great Eliminators, and when you look at it a certain way, that is ALSO a reflection of the disruptive energies that are rampant right now. Everywhere we look there are options, choices that are requisite to our evolutionary path. Since it is no longer viable to make choices ahead of time, to prevent recreating the past, our only option is to travel simultaneously down all roads and sense the one that resonates the most with our hearts. We know it is all simultaneous, so what’s to prevent the journey down all roads at the same time?

Venus and Mercury, traveling together through the sign of the Sun, Leo, are both making great Eliminator connections with Saturn and Neptune this week. Mercury connected with both planets yesterday, and today Venus begins her journey down the fork in the road. The mental experience can be tougher than the emotional, at least for some, while for others the opposite is true. Since the mind and heart are beginning a new cycle of balanced energies this week, it will serve us well to recognize if there are any parts of the journey that are hard for us than others. It’s balance we are after, and any imbalance that appears is a blessing at this time.

When fear (in this case in the form of imbalance) shows up, just acknowledge it and put some Love there. In the bigger scheme of things, that’s what fear is for. (It serves SO MANY purposes, when all is said and done, and they are all good for us). We really need to stop confusing discomfort with negativity. Just because something isn’t easy to deal with, doesn’t mean it’s bad for us. That is a reactive judgment that always turns out to be misguided. Every difficult moment leads to breakthrough that would never have been possible any other way.

That is ERIS’ purpose, when all is said and done, to disrupt us right into Self-realization. Eris is in her own Great Eliminator with Mars, and Jupiter is approaching the other leg of the Finger of God. This is a bigger, more energetic fork in the road. We are awaiting Mars’ recovery of his retrograde shadow and when he does complete his journey at the end of August he will meet up with Saturn. That Jupiter and Saturn are involved in all this Self Realization is amazing and historical. We are shifting from the social ‘you and me’ to the spiritual ‘I am you and you are me’, from ME to WE.

Watch the world stage as it disrupts and leads continually, over and over again to more unity. There is plenty of polarization going on, but focus on the movement of that process, which invariably leads to unification. Things HAVE TO fall apart before they can be reunited with integrity. Keep holding the space, fill with with Love and Light, stay positive, stay centered and above all


  You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude toward what happens to you, and in that, you will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master you.
― Brian Tracy