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Dawn asked this question yesterday:¬†I was thinking about all the placements at 2 degrees Juno Vesta Ceres Pallas. Now I see Mercury has joined them at 2 degrees. I recall in the past you made a point about something that happened at 2 degrees Virgo. Is this within the energy field of that last event that is somehow connected to all these asteroids and the messenger all at the same degree?”

What a gigantic day for planetary events! Mars reenters Sagittarius and the New Moon in Leo occurs at 4:44pm EDT. While we’re in the dark, of the Moon, it seems a perfect moment o tune in on the GRAND WATER MANIFESTATION/ KITE that is being formed by Pallas ( at 3 Pisces), Junp (at 3 Scorpio), and Vesta (at 3 Cancer). and Vesta, with Ceres at 3¬†Taurus¬†acting as the tail of the Kite. Yesterday Mercury is¬†transiting at 3 Virgo today, bringing the ruler of the mental body and the new Divine Masculine archetype into this gorgeous picture. Dawn, I don’t remember what went on at 2 Virgo, (though the Source Black Hole known as Shapley falls at 2 Scorpio), it’s just such a stunning display of the powerful divine feminine energies, doing something of a ballet with Mercury right now.


8 2 16 Mars Enters Sagittarius

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