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Fasten your seat belts, this might just be a bumpy day. When you’re riding a rocket ship into a new world, some turbulence is to be expected. There’s nothing to be alarmed about. In fact, we’ve learned a lot lately about how those more uncomfortable moments are the very ones that deliver us to the greatest breakthroughs. There are two stepping stones today, both of them involve personal planets and one includes Saturn, the inner Teacher. Stepping stones are opportunities to consciously lift your consciousness to the observer’s perch, to “walk on water” and connect with your Christ consciousness. But none of this means they are easy or breezy or particularly desirable.

8 6 16 Venus Mars Stepping Stone

8 6 16 Mercury Saturn Stepping Stone

The first event is a Mercury Saturn stepping stone. The 5D version of this is our ability to stay tuned to the inner guidance mechanism, stay out of to much mental fear based reaction, and find the higher ground in any situation that seems difficult or is unplanned. What’s interesting is that in one week’s time Mercury will move into his retrograde shadow and Saturn will station to go direct. That means Saturn will enter his direct shadow at the same time.

Simply put, whatever shows up today along the lines of apparent misinformation or misunderstanding must be brought back to the Self and embraced fully for the purpose of realignment with the inner Self. If we can do this today, there is no telling what the next 2 months or so can bring. Of we can’t do this today, then the next few months will be all about learning how to do it.

The second event is a Venus Mars stepping stone. Here’s a fascinating piece of news. On August 11th, just about the same day as Mercury and Saturn’s respective entries into their shadows, Mars slips out of bounds for a good long journey… He will be in uncharted territory all the way through September and into October. He will be out of bounds for the next wormhole, which opens on September 1.

When we remember that Mars rules the physical experience and all the energy on the planet, we can catch a glimpse of what we’re in for. Meanwhile back to this evening’s Venus Mars stepping stone. The 5D version of this is all about the new divine feminine order. Venus and Mars are newly restored to their true relationship, and that means that this moment offers the opportunity to step up into the divine version of the female paradigm.

This is a moment that will launch the Mars journey outside of the ecliptic and it will certainly reverberate for the entire time he travels outside our usual realm of conscious awareness. These days it is possible to travel with him. We used to have to wait for the out of bounds planet to return to the ecliptic before we could gather any useful understanding of the journey that was taken.

Now we can just go with the archetypal energy and experience the new vibration first hand. There’s a lot of change up ahead.

Stay tuned to you.


When I broke open
Buddha broke open.
And neither of us
has been the same since.
In an instant
we fell into each other laughing
and neither one of us survived.

But still the sun shines in the morning
and sets in the evening.

I am like a friendly old dog now
wearing my master’s night slippers.
Yet somehow
they fit perfectly.

~ Adyashanti