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It took me and Christine (Clemmer) all day to get here to Mount Shasta, but we made it in one of the most peaceful states of being I can remember, and the Mountain was so welcoming and beautiful in all her glory. You can still sign up remotely to be here with us in Shasta, the energies are both powerful and feminine, and the new balance is immediately apparent.  Additionally, the Mars/Antares/Saturn connection is vibrantly present overhead just after dark here in Shasta. I am consciously facilitating the group (physical and etheric) in a mission to work within the Shasta vortex to help bring about the reunification of all the energies that are polarizing at this time. Please add your energies and join us in this work.. CLICK HERE to sign up etherically for this already incredible Shasta Experience..

Did I say that yesterday was uneventful yet filled with energies? That was an understatement. The energies are not only over the top, they are fresh and new and filled with unprecedented potential to become what we have never manifested before. The Moon entered Aries yesterday, and so is resonating with the out of bounds Mars. Mars, who is just about perfectly aligned with Antares and Saturn, and bringing all the shadows of the past to the surface for the great bringing to the Light.

8 21 16

I am writing from Mount Shasta late in the evening, just a couple of hours before this blog goes live. I haven’t had more than two hours of sleep in the last 24 hours. I am thoroughly exhausted, yet I am more excited than I can remember. I can feel the Masters and all the sentient beings gathering around us.

Tomorrow Christine and I will go to Omaran’s Ascension chamber and Pyramid. I mentioned weeks ago that Kuthumi came to me to tell me of important initiations on the mountain this time. This is the first, and I can already tell it’s a huge one. I am bringing all of you with me. The very brilliant Jeannine Kim, who is one of my Cosmic Consciousness students, reminded me that Omaran’s twin flame, who he lives with here at Mount Shasta, is named Antera. YOU CAN’T MAKE THIS STUFF UP.

We are headed for the Mercury Jupiter new cycle tomorrow. Sonreya mentioned yesterday that she couldn’t help but notice Jupiter’s proximity to the upcoming Venus Mercury conjunction at 29 Virgo. It’s a very significant presence. Both  Mercury (tomorrow) and Venus (next Saturday) will meet up with Jupiter GOING IN to this new cycle. That means Jupiter will energize and expand and make socially relevant this upcoming new male female balance that is manifesting with the upcoming conjunction.  And Jupiter will stand by, watching over these two like the brilliant angelic force that he is.

Mercury, don’t forget, is going retrograde at 29 Virgo, AFTER he comes together with Venus, and will connect with Jupiter two more times before he’s completed manifesting his new male archetype. The balancing act has begun.

And it’s going to develop inside a “carte blanche” wormhole, in a bridge with Neptune. That reminds me of what happened as we approached the Mountain today. It was so vast and so dominant and beautiful, yet no matter how many  pictures I took, it disappeared in the picture. VERY NEPTUNIAN. Very much a play on Light. The Mountain is shimmering so wildly with Light, only the 5D eye can truly catch its magnificence.

Stay tuned.

“I have found in the last few weeks that these disruptive energies have a very powerful dynamic that I am calling “the slipstream”  and that if you can attune and align with that space behind the disruption you can ride it like drafting cyclists do to each-other when racing.  It has opened up some extraordinary manifestation energy for me..”

Cathy Lieser