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Yesterday Christine and I went to meditate in the Pyramid at Omaran’s home and we were so graced to sit in his newly built ascernsion seat. It sits in a copper grid of Christ consciousness, and it was built by Omaran at Metatron’s request. It is an amazing experience. There is no real way to communicate the feeling of rays of Light passing through you at the frequency of Christ Consciousness. In some ways I feel as though I emerged in my next incarnation. The group arrives today, and all will have this same experience tomorrow. You can still sign up remotely to be with us in Shasta, the energies are so powerful, and the Mars/Antares/Saturn connection occurs right in the middle of the journey. I am leading the group in a mission to work within the Shasta vortex to help bring about the reunification of all the energies that are polarizing at this time. Please add your energies and join us in this work.. CLICK HERE to sign up etherically for the Shasta Experience..

 Today the energies shift pretty radically as the Sun moves into the sign of the Virgin Mother and Mercury comes together with Jupiter fr the first of three times in the weeks to come. During the next two weeks everything will be transformed so radically that life on Earth will never be the same. It’s a wonderful thing that Jupiter is so present, because he insures that in the end all will prove to be expansive Truth.

8 22 16 Sun enters Virgo

8 22 16 Mercury Jupiter New Cycle

Our consciousness is changing in ways we have never experienced before. Mercury will soon come together with Venus on the World Axis Master degree of 29 Virgo… That is as Divine Feminine as it can be at this moment, but it promises to expand and become even more so.

With the Sun entering Virgo today too, the entire Virgo mansion within each and every one of our energy fields lights up and gets energized today. This part of our being is the central focus for many many upcoming events, and since it is a sign of major transmutation, we can expect all the change that has occurred thus far this year at the spiritual, mental emotional and physical levels to finally take hold and transform us into the new homo luminous that we have been becoming all along.

Mercury is brand new in his energies as the true Divine Masculine archetype of the 5D higher mind. The Higher Mind is a mind that Loves, and that is energized by the kind and nurturing words we choose to speak to our Selves. These words are the very things that manifest the new world. New thoughts=new world.

Mercury’s connection with Jupiter today is, as mentioned, the first of three such connections. That’s because Mercury will go retrograde on August 31, at 20 Virgo, just after he connects with Venus for the initiation of the new Male/Female balance that produces nothing short of the ascension.

Venus will move on, and Mercury will not come together with her again for a long while. But he will connect with Jupiter three times, in order to fully manifest his new role as male archetype. Jupiter too will move on into Libra before the upcoming worm hole completes.

That’s another thing… On September 1, next week, a wormhole opens at 10 Virgo. The Virgo consciousness is the main event for the next long stretch. It is the consciousness of emotional wisdom. Where wholeness is the ultimate Truth, and honoring the Self is the key to all well being.

Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s first of three Mercury Jupiter conjunctions. The other two take place on September 2, just after the solar eclipse, and on October 10th, after he and Jupiter have entered Libra).. All three conjunctions between Mercury and Jupiter comprise a new cycle. Today’s conjunction is the beginning and it introduces all the themes we need to become aware of. I reprint this passage with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks:

  Virgo 27:  The magician disrobes. He has no sex organs.


The divided mind and it’s overcoming. Taking each and every polarity in the known world and stripping it of all it’s outer trappings, reducing it to strictly what is there on the inside. Ceaselessly casting off semblance’s, fragments, partial ways of experiencing and interpreting this life. In search of what arises when neither this side nor that side can possibly be portrayed as It or Not It.

                Already being aware of the outcome. Carrying from before the basic equipment to cut through the mind and the ego, the pride and the fascination with conflict and strife in any form. Yet having to wait it out to an excruciating extent. There’s always another layer, a further nuance to get under.

                A resonant archetype of an innovative kind. Portraying the myth of the one who wears out and out lives so many disguises, such thick and customary ways of life. He has been there before. He has seen it all happen. And now he can put the finishing touches on his universal archetypal demonstration of what we all must go through in order to be done with illusion and skillfully mobilized in a real and true future world of an androgynous, multi-dimensional kind.

                Yet a very considerable struggle and sensitivity to the trauma of such great potential still being held away. A hard time manifesting in solid earth what is held within and cherished as the real and the true. A perpetual sequence of falling even further into the lap of spirit in the earth, of that which has never been before, that which only now becomes possible.

                A subtle interior sensibility bearing treasures and gifts which must be deported in the right time and place. Remembrances and vision and expanded faculties of an unusual kind. Such a fine touch with source. But inside the world of duality, the outer formed polarized existence, the great challenge is to bear intact the luminous egg and let it fertilize the earth in a fashion neither gender can take on and all of us together will bring to term.”


“We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the life that is waiting for us.”

Joseph Campbell

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