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It seems safe to say that the powerful edges and shadows of the Mars/Antares/Saturn connection have crested and are beginning to subside. Hopefully you dealt with your personal core issues in an efficient and successful way. It may have been messy… but efficiency often is, and at this point it’s all about the integration.

8 27 16 Venus Jupiter New Cycle

The integration of masculine and feminine has begun in earnest. For the next few weeks, there is really nothing else going on. We all are holding in our hands the task of balancing BEING and DOING in the heart center, and finding the way to Right Action, also known as heart felt direction. All motivation in the new world has to come from the heart. The mind as we have known it for all these thousands of years and countless incarnations is no longer functional as it has been.

The higher Mind has taken over the experience of Knowing. Understanding is a no thing at this point… all it does is confuse us. Now that the shadows of all our lifetimes of ego (lower mind) oriented experience is cleared, we are ready to integrate the heart with the new higher Mind.

The upcoming Mercury retrograde cycle will complete this integration process. That will take the entire upcoming eclipse cycle and bring us all the way into October, to end up in the Libra energies… (BALANCE!)

Today Venus comes together with Jupiter, and this too is a very important part of the process of bringing masculine and feminine together. Venus is making her way to Mercury (on the 30th), and she is moving faster than Mercury right now. The heart is moving faster than the Mind. Yay!

Venus and Jupiter (who by the way is ALSO moving faster than Mercury right now), will move on into Libra together while Mercury hangs back in the sign of the Divine Mother to recalibrate that new divine masculine one more time.

Today’s Venus Jupiter is as expansive in the divine feminine as it gets. Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Venus Jupiter new cycle. It is reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks: Prepare for new chapter of abundance…

Virgo 28:   Autumn leaves pressed in a book.

Dwelling upon what we inwardly see and keeping this very much for ourselves in a seclusion that is impenetrable. Folding ourselves back into a private presence of steady and sustaining values and perceptions. Remaining at rest inside this dream vision without it ever changing or being disturbed by the slightest ripple of external events and dynamics.

                Endowed with a certain strength of firm resolve to keep our own council and to reserve judgment for later. We chalk everything up to experience and are so blithely detached and removed that we could be taken as not there at all. In an emotional human sense, we are not.

                But in our own mind’s eye, something fascinating and compelling is in the works here. For we are able, through our stillness and dispassion to observe and witness, ponder and behold. We value such activities by far the most. Our perch is inviolable.  We know how to defend our turf, to be secretive and elusive. And we truly are purely on the inside, removed from events, with no response or reaction to most of what comes our way.

                This is a maddening quality if life is all for passion and involvement. It is a refreshing space if we are here to move out of and beyond any and all special spheres of losing ourselves in the midst. And it is an indispensable ingredient when we are seeking to renounce what we had been swept away by, and we need to digest and metabolize all of those pasts in the form that is optimal for long range purposes.

                Once we fully accept and honor our own need to be inside this frequency purely, the flow of it becomes much more whole and easy. Much of our process comes down to no longer falling for any version of guilt or shame. When we are at home in the personal soul and its impersonal reverberations, we do not judge and condemn our own process whatsoever. If fact, we come to stalwartly stand together with ourselves in solidarity, realizing we are just right for ourselves and nothing less.”


“Follow your inner GPS, not some busted old map given to you by others.”

Rose Etheridge

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