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The journey to Mount Shasta was blessed and very sacred. It was a great honor to be inside that vortex and to be aware that everything we said and did was being amplified and activating the planet in ways that have not been possible before. We worked hard. It was very tough at times, as we are now aware we were processing so much of the shadow the planet had to move through. But Venus, Mercury and Jupiter have taken over the outer and inner atmosphere, and there is room… so much room for hope and transformation. A new balance is being born between the upgraded divine masculine and divine feminine Self, and ascension is the promised result.

8 29 16 Venus Enters Libra

8 29 16  Venus Mercury New Cycle










The week ahead is profound. It offers transmutation at every turn. We move from the metamorphosis of the ‘8’ vibration to the completion energies of the ‘9’. We get to work with the master degree of Virgo (29), as Venus and Mercury come together at this degree, then Mercury stations here, and Jupiter makes it to this degree as well in another week or so. Venus moves on into Libra, opening up a whole new cycle with MakeMake, writing Cosmic Law onto the heart. And that, Loved Ones, is just the beginning of the major energies this week holds. We are, after all, entering a worm hole!


On September 1, as the ‘9’ vibration gets under way, the Virgo New Moon occurs conjunction the Soul Star Chakra (the North Node) and a Soular Eclipse occurs, opening a passage that will take us through two eclipses and two new Moons before it completes on October 5.


A worm hole, if you know your science fiction, is a stretch of space in which time is folded over itself and therefore warped. Inside a worm hole we can move through light years of space in no time. Cosmic Consciousness teaches that the entire cosmos is within you. This then means that the eclipse passage delivers you to a part of your Self you didn’t know was there. Allow your Self to be delivered there. This is a special delivery. The delivery of the new homo luminous Self, the perfectly balanced male/female Self, the Ascended Self.


The upcoming worm hole begins at 10 Virgo, in a bridge with Neptune. Neptune, the planet of enlightenment, is holding the bridge wide open for all of humanity. I am calling this a ‘carte blanche’ worm hole.. ANYTHING GOES. The second eclipse, in the middle of this passage occurs at 24 Pisces, conjunct Chiron, the planet disposing this entire eclipse passage. There is one major WHOLING process going on.


I mentioned yesterday Venus/Jupiter’s connection to Quaoar/ Galactice Center and I referred to it as a bridge. Sonreya pointed out that is is actually a stepping stone.. When I was walking across Upper Panther Meadow on Tuesday, I found that the wooden boardwalk that had been there a few years ago had turned into large stepping stones. That pathways is meant to be a bridge for people to walk across the very ecologically delicate meadow without trampling it. That’s the meaning of a stepping stone, in a sense, holding us up above the emotional drama of the critical (square) circumstances, and allowing for a higher consciousness.


Panther Meadow introduced me to my first stepping stone bridge. This is the essence of a crossroad (formerly cross) or an intersection (formerly T-square), and it points to the ultimate Truth, that all that has ever been real here is becoming oneness.


I will write tomorrow of Venus’ entry into Libra and the re emergence of MakeMake at this time.


Stay tuned to you.


“Every day you have the opportunity to learn and experience some-thing and some-one new. Seize the opportunity. Learn and experience everything you can, and use it to change the world.”

– Rodney Williams