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While we allow this Virgo eclipse/retrograde Mercury conjunct Jupiter energy to sizzle and manifest fully, this seems like the perfect moment to talk about the idea of ‘completion’ as it relates to the number ‘9’. I mentioned this the other day and Helen asked Why the completion of the 9 year this month?  Is that just because it’s a ‘9’ month?”  Well, yes. The ‘9’ vibration is the completion of any cycle, and the ‘9’ month completes the cycle of any year it represents. That we are in a ‘9’ year means that this September completes a much larger cycle, and if we look back over these past nine years since 2007, it should be easy to perceive the kind of cycle that is coming to a close.

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Before we get into that, let’s focus on the idea that the numbers are the fabric of the universe. The numbers ‘1’ through ‘9’ express the cycle of birth to death, beginning to end. Each year the last three months of the year, the ’10’, ’11’ and ’12’ are very much a preview of the year ahead. On a more multidimensional level, these last three numbers represent the higher Self and the fulfillment of its cycle in any given year.

The ’10’ is the number of God. The ’11’ is the number of personal mastery and Christ Consciousness, and the ’12’ is the number of Universal Consciousness. These three months, coming up, are very much like the portal between the two years they fall between. This year, the portal connects the ‘9’ year with the ‘1’, and it is very much like a resurrection energetic because of that.

The last three months of 2007 saw the Jupiter Pluto new cycle (conjunction) that occurred on the Galactic Center at 28 Sagittarius. Everything that has happened since then, including the 12/12/12 Star Gate and portal, has delivered us in every way to the higher Self, and our highest purpose for being here on Earth in physical form.

We have awakened so profoundly since that time. As the month of September plays out, the completion of that awakening cycle will reveal itself. This is a major month energetically, with the 29 Virgo Mercury retrograde cycle and the 10 Virgo eclipse that opened an all important Chiron disposed worm hole.

This month delivers us to a Libra New Moon (October 5) that is conjunct Jupiter and MakeMake. That is the end of the worm hole and the place we are about to be delivered to. While there is certain to be plenty of discussion about this new cycle, suffice it to say that the new world, complete with its new divine laws, will be fully manifested at that time.

Completion is an amazing thing, it wraps things up and opens new ones all at the same time. It is the alpha and omega, the beginning and the end, the place where no time exists and everything that ever was or ever will be exists right here right now. If we can place all of our focus on this portal we are about to move through, we will realize that we have awakened enough to live in that realm of limitlessness forever.

We are coming home, or more appropriately, we are remembering that we never left home, and home is where the heart is, and it feels so perfect to be able to realize our Selves right here right now.

Stay tuned to you.

“The way is not in the sky.
The way is in the heart….”

– Buddha