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There are two more days to the end of the worm hole, and already everything in the world has changed. Don’t try to understand it… just let what has been present all along emerge. The next few weeks will deliver many of us to the Truth of the new order, and the rest will follow, most likely in waves.

I had a comment from one of my very brilliant cosmic consciousness students, Simone Werner, and I am reprinting a part of it here… The rest can be read in the CC articles section…

‘A couple of days ago I tried to put into words what I perceive regarding “the ongoing adaptation of the Truth of Mars” and the “passing of the baton” between Mercury and Mars.’
So here’s how I experience it:

“SHE steps out of the water and she reclaims the land. It’s the movement that demonstrates that conscious awareness of the Divine Feminine Energy expands and returns to the physical realm and it fully awakens within the body now. It’s been there all along but we didn’t had the conscious awareness in order to perceive that presence in our physical cells. Our senses were trained and focused in a way that wouldn’t allow for that kind of perception, it’s been humanity’s blind spot so to speak (similar to seeing all the objects in a room without sensing and realizing the space that fills the room). But we cleared the waters and dissolved the denseness that prevented us from FEELING the direct connectedness with source in every moment through our physical bodies so that it would influence our perception of reality. Instead we didn’t SEE it and none of our DOING was sourced from BEING consciously connected with the ALL.”



 If that doesn’t begin to deliver us to the new consciousness, I don’t know what will. We must begin to allow the higher Mind to open to the limitless realm. In this way, what has been available to us all along will make itself plain. 

The same is true for the new zodiac. Dawn asked me “what do you mean that NASA chose this moment to announce the truth of the zodiac?” NASA announced sometime last week that the zodiac contains 13 signs and that those signs are not as even as we like to think they are. The Truth is, we’ve known about this for a long time. I’ve been talking about Ophiuchus for years. This story has surfaced numerous times in the past few years. 

There are those who don’t believe astrology has a purpose who use this story as proof that it isn’t real. Well that’s okay.. .We all believe just what we want to. Ophiuchus is not a new constellation… it’s been around for thousands of years and in fact used to be used as a regular part of the zodiac. Somewhere along the line we tried to make things even and harmonious, (which things are not) and we began ignoring Ophiuchus.

If you ask me, this is in perfect alignment with the fall from consciousness that humanity sustained. Why not forget about those parts of our consciousness that don’t exactly fit in or make everything else lumpy and uneven. Ophiuchus has a bit of an Eris energy to it.. it’s presence is disruptive and it can only be acknowledged and accessed by an awakened mind.

Ophiuchus is a LARGE constellation,larger than Scorpio, and in fact many of the constellations are smaller than we thought. But as I mentioned yesterday, it’s best not to jump into a new identity too quickly.. That would only make for more chaos, which is the last thing we need right now. Feel you way into the sign that comes before your own. Allow the cusp that separates these mansions of consciousness to dissolve slowly and you’ll arrive at the truth of your identity before you know it.

You are everything. Your consciousness contains ALL the signs, and there are more than 13, believe me. We’re just not ready to open to the others yet. We’ve been hearing about Ophiuchus for years now, because we’ve been arriving at this moment, when we are fully prepared to allow this part of our consciousness to open.

Ophiuchus is the Serpent Bearer.. The human who has overcome the lower nature and the “devil” or the ego and awakened to the Truth. When I said that NASA chose this moment to tell us about this, I meant the the zeitgeist, the oneness, never lets us down. Mars, out of bounds and new divine feminine co-ruler is moving through Ophiuchus now, triggering this new quality of our consciousness.

We all contain this sign within us It overlaps Sagittarius and Capricorn. that is, it is vertically “higher” than those two more usual parts of our awareness. Open up to this new consciousness, which covers the crown chakra (It sits at the generic midheaven of the chart), and allow the downloads to guide you home.

Stay tuned to you.

“Nothing reduces the odds against you like ignoring them.” 

– Robert Brault