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 Yesterday I wrote:  “Today features a Mercury Jupiter new cycle…. The new higher consciousness is coming to life. Have you noticed how everything that is happening appears differently now? It used to be transparent (to us), but now it is simply a completely different frequency that is undeniable. The people places and things that do not resonate with Truth are just plain ‘not truth’ now. No judgment, just the obvious.”

And Shelly Leal, who writes the Monthly Cosmic Consciousness Column had this to say:
“That’s so amazing. That’s IT! We’re in a clarity, a higher, clearer frequency. All this is hitting me right on my Sun. It’s no accident that today also features a resourceful connection between Mars and Neptune, bringing this new higher consciousness into our bodies through our senses, expressing through our actions. Wow.”

And believe me when I tell you, this is only the beginning.




As you can see, there are THREE Great Eliminators (inconjuncts) today. Venus (the heart) comes to forks in the road with both Uranus and Eris, the two Great Awakeners that are reflecting the world wide ascension that is taking place one surprise, one blast at a time. Here’s what’s big-picture interesting about that. Remember back at the end of August when Mars came together with Antares and Saturn?  At that same exact time Venus formed Great Eliminators with Uranus and Eris also, but from the Virgo portion of our consciousness. Now Venus is in Scorpio, and is, in effect, forming a giant energetic, 5D Finger of God with Uranus and Eris.

I could probably write a book about what all this could mean, and I am certain that by the time this election is over and the inauguration comes we will be able to see it so much more fully. BUT… This 5D (meaning outside of time/space) Finger of God that has the heart pointing at the Great Awakeners from both sides of the fork is bringing that Uranus Eris conjunction front and center.

It’s no coincidence that these two important life altering archetypes came together  for the second of three times in between these two energetic Great Eliminator events. The Uranus Eris conjunction is the main focus of this weekend’s Full Moon event. The Full Moon occurs around Midnight Sunday morning at 23 Aries, pretty much exactly conjunct the two awakeners. The Sun will be in a very conscious bridge with them, (conscious BECAUSE it’s the Sun), and in its own new cycle (conjunction) with Haumea (UNITY), SPICA and ARCTURUS… two very benevolent landmarks that exist within our 5D consciousness.

What is meant by that last statement is that at the higher level of consciousness we KNOW what to make of these fixed energies, and they are SO benevolent they promise to be of great assistance to us as we make our way through this new territory.

This Full Moon promises to bring to fruition the new consciousness together with the other 5D archetypes that are aligned or in aspect with the Moon or the Sun. (Those include Ixion, Sedna and Chiron). It is also the preliminary blast of a huge Mars Pluto new cycle that becomes partile (exact) on October 19

Those three days, between 10/16 and 10/19 promise, for those who are ready, to provide a kind of blast off that is akin to what happens when the Enterprise goes into warp speed. Remember that? The stars appear to move faster AND slower at the same time until suddenly a big burst sends the ship into another dimension. That Boom! carries the same energy that those three days bring.

For those who refuse to open to a newer reality, those three days promise to be very different. They will produce a different kind of boom.  It may not be immediately obvious but the portals will open to begin a dramatic transport for those who choose it to another 3D planet. We have seen them, they have been announced. In fact we have CREATED them. It will take some time, during the next few months those who cannot attain any portion of a 5D consciousness will begin to opt to remain in 3D. And each time a soul does, the exodus will become a little more concrete.

The stars begin to move faster AND slower at the same time. To be able to make sense out of this for your Self, please, please PLEASE Stay Tuned to YOU. It’s going to get hair before it gets better. No need to place your focus on it. The observer’s perch is the place to be.

“Confusion, indecision, and uncertainty often mean that if you wait a little longer before deciding, an even better option will emerge, with such clarity it may bite you on the nose and sweep you off your feet. 
The nice kind of bite. 
I’d say wait a little longer” 
    The Universe  (Mike Dooley)