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 Oh! Can you feel the energy building? We are headed into what could be called one of the most intense energy vortexes we’ve ever been through. That is largely because all the personal planets are making very significant connections to eachother, to the social planets, to the planets of conscious awareness AND to the 5D planets.. They are setting up for a grand polarization/reunification that will occur simultaneously on every level of our existence… very much like a big bang. How we experience this event or series of events depends entirely on our Selves and which way we choose to focus our consciousness. Inside a big bang we can focus on the destruction/chaos, or we can focus on the bigger perspective, which is that a big bang invariably leads to a new beginning. 





That’s a whole lot of activity, huh? And it’s delivering us to one of the most dramatic and life-altering full Moon events ever. (Tomorrow morning). This past week has been filled with Uranus Eris connections, which have produced the wild west energy of the atmosphere. From the crazy campaign we are watching like the most riveting reality show ever to the strongest hurricane we’ve seen on the east coast of the US in many years (a hurricane that practically decimated Haiti), to Putin hinting at world war 3, to the most immediate issue, the polarization of male/female energy, and all the ways these various situations are playing out, we are surely in the greatest transmutation process we have ever known…

The Sun forms bridges (oppositions) with Uranus and Eris today, and comes together with Haumea, and all of these connections kick off the Full Moon event. That is, we are waiting for the Moon, which, by the way, is the first of three supermoons that mark the season ahead. This season is a portal that is delivering us from the end of a huge cycle to the beginning of another even huger cycle. The presence of all these 5D planets participating in this  full Moon event is no accident. We are ready to awaken (Uranus Eris) to the Truth of who we are. Unity is our true state of being AND our destination (Haumea).

The Sun and Moon are the generators of our individual consciousness and that these two are producing this major event from the relationship axis (Aries/Libra) means we are ready to enter into the process of reunification. This can only happen when we have enough Self-realization under our belt to allow for the transmutation. Transmutation is a process that we cannot force to happen, it must be allowed.

Mercury continues his realization inducing saga today with a stepping stone to Pluto. This promises to help us transmute our thoughts and mental constructs to a more conscious and multidimensional level. You may recall that Mercury and Mars formed that all important transmutation completing stepping stone on on Thursday, and next Wednesday Mars and Pluto come together for the big bang that delivers us to the new world in ways that have not happened yet. I suspect that next week we will truly know a whole new kind of reality show……

I know we are all wanting to get on with it after such a long long delay… But this is truly a weekend for taking all energies on and allowing them to settle into our being. Then and only then will Right Action be possible. Stay riveted to you.

PS. I am headed for Ireland tonight for a week of retreat at Creacon, as a birthday gift to my Self. I will keep writing from there, as ever.

“What a time to be here!
Delighting in the greening 
of the creation.
Part of the midwifery team
Birthing the remembrance
of Oneness.
Consciousness bursting forth
to celebrate love
celebrate life.
Aren’t you glad it’s you!”

Judith Small