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Yesterday was as quiet as promised, though not without news. Here in New Jersey, two top officials were found guilty of orchestrating the traffic problems related to the George Washington Bridge that connects New Jersey with New York. That was going on for a while. Melania Trump was found to have plagiarized yet another speech, which she gave on Thursday. It’s important, but not life changing and certainly not new. NEW comes today.


Venus and Uranus manifest with each other today, producing more awakening events, and tomorrow Venus and Eris do the same, promising disruption. There has truly been NO Eris aspect that has occurred lately that did not coincide with a majorly disruptive situation. 

Here in the US, it appears to be related to the election, which is drawing the attention of the entire world, in much the same way is to drawing the attention of everyone here in the US. It is unusual, and it is unusually disruptive. Apparently there are election issues all over the world. England, Italy and Bulgaria are all experiencing major upheaval to their governmental structures and Australia recently voted to replace their entire congress… both houses, all seats. Change is upon us, no matter where we are.

A Venus Uranus/Eris manifestation is certain to further upset the status quo. But it’s important to remember at all times that a disrupted status quo is a crucial part of manifesting a new one. It takes time, and time gets added to exponentially when fear is a big part of the mix. Fear is the great generator of the illusion of time. In actuality, this is all happening at once, and it has already happened. On different levels of our consciousness we know all this. All this upheaval actually makes it more likely to get it on every level or more succinctly, at the most conscious level.

The election, again, is the reflection of what is going on within you right now. If you are in a frenzy over it, or a little bothered by it, or refusing to pay any attention to it, this is all relevant information that should be recognized by you. Best place to be is in the observer’s perch, watching it, but not focused on any detail or drama, and allowing it all to be just what it is, so that it can morph into what it’s most meant to become.

Is it predetermined? Yes and No. We are creating the outcome as we go, and it is a function of the collective consciousness as it exists in the moment of manifestation. All possibilities preexist. Any road is accessible and though it may seem from here that only one road will be taken, it is more likely that many will be accessed, conscious or not, and eventually one or more will be established pathways into the new world.

I’m not sure that made sense, but it came right through me, and I am sure it is relevant. Stay tuned to your own heart. Let your Self and everything in your world be just as it is. Don’t try to fix it, and don’t try to understand it. Just let it be and all will be revealed.

Nothing matters more than you do.

“Raise your words, not voice.
It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.”