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 Here is a great comment from Annie:

“We made the decision to be here at this moment in time and help create this change for the whole planet.  The election wasn’t the way I thought it would go but I understand why it has to be this way.  We’re already seeing the darkness creep out and try to threaten.  Those who felt they had to hide their racism, homophobia, misogyny, fear and anger now feel free to express it.  We have to lead with our Hearts and completely BE the Light.”

Now that the shock has had some time to be absorbed, it’s clear that many of us are getting the point, loud and clear. But it’s not over, there’s plenty more Uranus Eris activity up ahead. (Just in case you missed it, ALL OF THIS upended reality is reflected by the ongoing Uranus Eris conjunction.


Here’s some more from Annie:

“Those in fear and anger need our Light the most.  This isn’t going to be easy.  It’s hard to see violence, physical or emotional, and not react with the same.  I have a young Latina lesbian friend who is now afraid to leave her house alone and even speak Spanish.  In fact, all of my gay friends are really frightened.  I haven’t had the chance to speak with my Muslim friends but I can’t imagine they’re feeling any better.  The point is that we need to, not only hold the Light for all, but we have to hold on to those who feel threatened.  We have to create cocoons of Love and let them know they are safe with us.  Not get caught up in drama, just be Love and surround all with Love.  It sounds easy but it’s not always so.  We can’t hide who we are anymore.  We are conduits for the Light.”

What a great way to begin to realize what we’re here for right now, inside this tumultuous upheaval wave that is only just getting started. Fear must be replaced with Love. For those who are too caught in fear to be able to do this for them Selves, we can certainly hold the space for them. We can’t DO it for them, though, and it’s an important distinction to make.

Putting Love where fear is is a most important task, but it has to be done with total detached compassion. Everyone that is here right now is here because we chose to be, and we have each signed on for our own experience, our own journey. We never know what’s next for us, so it’s even more impossible to know what’s next for someone else.

It’s our job to BE Love, no matter what we are looking at. It’s our job to BE Love no matter what we think we’re seeing. Judgment has no place in the new world. There can’t be any. Judgment only recreates the old world and closes the open portals that are delivering us to the new at this time.

Oh, they will open again. The Truth is, they aren’t really closing. But we close those doors on our Selves when we shut our Hearts to the unity and perfection of the Divine Plan. We are all, every last one of us, here to play our part in the movie we created collectively.

One more brilliant comment from Lauri:

“An awareness comes to me as I read today’s report.  Those that voted for Trump did so because this was their “cosmic duty.”  It was their job to support the bringing forth of the shadow so as to bring forth a greater light.  Before, I was tempted to demonize (or at the very least struggle to understand) those who chose Trump as their candidate.  And yet, one of my dear students…one who is awake and discerning, conscious and full of light revealed to me she voted for Trump and why.  She named all the things she hates about him and his campaign, but then explained why she chose him.  In short, her answer was the same as others I know who voted for him, “He might actually help to bring forth something new.”  So, now I’m swallowing my temptation to judge and seeing from a higher perspective, I understand that those who voted for Trump did what they came here to do….bring forth the shadow so as to bring forth the light.”

We are here, exactly where we are, in the middle of a creation we produced collectively. We must begin by embracing what is, and then be willing to remember our Selves, stay centered in the heart, and let the Light within shine forth, unimpeded.

To do this effectively, there is nothing to do but stay tuned to you!

 “Time in particular can tell, when things go up for some, they go down for others.  The balance is, that no one will ever be truly satisfied. So why get down on what is? Acceptance and acknowledgment of a situation is the solution.  Knowing how to adapt is the human thing to do.  We do it everyday. So be glad there is a you to make a change.  Even if it is only in yourself.”

Jaren Salter