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 I’ve been talking about the Sagittarius New Moon all week, and here we are. This Moon is the last new Moon before the new cycle of 2017 begins at the Capricorn New Moon just before the New Year. This one today is SO huge, because it hits that Wisdom Crossroad AGAIN, this time, as mentioned before, bringing the governors of the spiritual body into direct contact with the SHADOW star, Antares, also known as the Light of God. 



We can expect the next two weeks to bring the shadow forth in all its glory. It’s important to remember that we WANT this shadow to be fully revealed, so that we can eradicate it completely when we shine the Light on it. This seems like the perfect moment to point out that we will not be able to tell when the shadow is completely exposed, so it’s vital not to try and figure it out.

Instead, realize that this is a collective action, and that it will be triggered just exactly when the moment is right. We will know because we will all feel it, and we will all be doing it, and we will be crystal clear that it is right. Again, there is no way to know when this moment will come ahead of time. It comes when it comes and we are all in this together, and so we will all start shining together, no conversation required.

The Sun and Moon (Moon first, because she moves so much faster) will next begin new cycles with the Great Attractor, Saturn, Ixion, the Galactic Center and Quaoar, all before the next full Moon. Mars, Venus and Mercury have all completed this same journey, and each one did so while out of bounds. We have been moved into brand new consciousness territory, and though we can sense it, it is still too new to be able to fully comprehend.

Patience and surrender will get us there. Today Venus begins to manifest stepping stones with the Great Awakeners and Ceres. There’s plenty to be awakened to still, and there’s no telling what that will look like. Our job right now is to be still, stay centered and focused on Self, watch the movie that reflects us, and be ready to shine forth brightly. That’s it.

Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s new Moon reprinted with his kind permission from hi book Star Sparks:

Sagittarius 8:  The harsh landscape of the moon with a black sky. The earth is not visible.

Seeing life from under the inside. Being in the void, the abyss. Staying right there and experiencing all this within the dark, through a heavy filter. Being given an entirely convincing and endlessly consuming passage through the darkest side of this existence.

                Being able to discover the shadow ways to the utmost intensity and depth. Most gifted in ferreting out hidden motives, undercurrents of every conceivable kind. Hyper-intent upon staying with this perspective until it can be disproven.

                A profound attachment to being lost, being caught, being punished, being put through the most extreme ordeals. A mountainous identification with a level of awareness which is tightly binding and will not let us go.

                Hidden strings. Hard-to-get-at underpinnings. The intricate, fascinating and deadly absorption in the underworld. What will it take to lift the curse, to peel away the enchantment, to make the light dawn genuinely?

                It will take brutal honesty and a bizarre willingness to stay with our own sensations and impressions even if we cannot justify or prove anything other than that we stayed with it. This is the only thing we know here. If we are going to get out, we cannot bargain, cheat, fake it. We come crawling out on our knees, bloody and self-recovered.

                Yet it must be admitted that to endure this passage and emerge free and clear will take a miracle. The soul under those layers does not believe in miracles. The crawling distance may be to find just enough inward sanctuary to pray and seek that which is doubted, feared, avoided.

                It does take divine intervention. This does involve a radical purging of an old self that does a lot of damage. This is going out there the hard way and not coming in until the issue is decided, or something else altogether.”


“Love to his soul gave eyes; he knew things are not as they seem.  The dream is his real life; the world around him is the dream.”
— Michel de Montaigne


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