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Now that Mercury has gone direct, we are all feeling the movement in a big way. There are a lot of reasons for this. First, Mercury is on the world axis and is fresh off a triple conjunction (new cycle) with Quaoar on the world axis. That is a lot of energized consciousness to go on, like a full tank of multidimensional fuel.

Additionally, after Eris goes direct today, ALL the planets in our soular system will be direct for nearly a whole month, until Jupiter turns around on February 4th. Living in an energy field with no retrograde planets is like living without any brakes. On top of that, according to Cosmic Consciousness, without a retrograde planet we are moving full force into the physical realm. It kind of makes sense out of our current events. For our awakened souls, this is the moment of our wake up call. We must hold the Light up high for the rest of the planet. And this week, the need for that Light is going to become more and more unmistakable.

A week that begins with the end of a Mercury retrograde cycle and an Eris station has to be filled with unexpected surprises. Eris, the great Disruptor, is certain to bring some of her unwieldy shenanigans to the table. Uranus, her current traveling companion, ALSO went direct in the past week or two, and now that the Awakeners are direct, let the curtains rise on the Great Ascension on the planet.

The Great Awakeners are a major part of an unfolding POWER Intersection (formerly a cardinal cross), that takes most of the week ahead to manifest fully. This is a multidimensional intersection that includes the Sun and Moon (rulers of the spiritual body), Jupiter, Haumea, Uranus, Eris, Ceres and Pluto.

Each and every one of these archetypes (planets) is a part of a bigger planetary picture. For example, Jupiter is approaching Haumea (5D archetype of wholeness and unity), and will be in this process until September of this year. Currently Jupiter is in a bridge with Uranus, Eris and Ceres, and the bridge to Eris becomes exact this week as a major part of the Full Moon event. Further, these bridges are triple polarities (they occur three times) because Jupiter is preparing to go retrograde.

I daresay that Jupiter is our saving Grace right now (as he so often is), because despite all the unchecked motion of the planets at this time, Jupiter is slowing down to make his station, and he is also a big player in this week’s fairly unbridled events. If there’s anything to hold on to it’s Jupiter’s very profound consciousness, currently focused through the sign of the mirrored Self (Libra).

If nothing else, we are certain to learn a great deal about our Selves this week. We are also functioning with a new mental operating system now, and Mercury makes his way back to Pluto (on the 29th of this month), and triggers the intersection at 22 Capricorn on January 26th. That is of course inauguration week.

One thing is for certain… the power intersection this week allows for a great deal of empowerment, leadership and the taking of stands. Eris and her cohorts promise a lot of disruption in the form of wake up calls, and the retrograde-less nature of our soular system right now promises to bring circumstances that are not easy to reverse.

If you look at today’s chart you will see four retrograde planets. They are ALL 5D planets, and all I can say is, they too are a saving Grace at this time. The Nodes are retrograde too, but retrograde nodes are actually moving counterclockwise, as they naturally move backwards through the cosmos. WE HAVE NO BRAKES. Proceed not with caution but with clarity and a wide open heart. Remember there never WAS any security anyway… that was just an illusion.

Stay focused on your for best results. Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Eris station, at 22 Aries 32, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks:

Aries 23:   A bottle labeled “Drink Me”.

 “The capacity to change. The endlessly plastic protoplasmic willingness to take on any size or definition for the time, for as long as it serves. The roles are in constant motion, and soon what seemed to be this way will become a whole other way, with precious little memory of what came before.

                When this gets speeded up, it can become a frenzy of instant shifts and quick changes. When it slows down and deepens, it can arise into life wisdom and the most astounding skills and gifts. An inward rudder is required to guide the deepening process, and sometimes getting to the point of respecting and acknowledging the presence of the inward rudder is half the battle.

                Circulating between failure and success, chaos and sturdiness, shadow and light. Being conversant with every side and dreaming into every facet. Learning through experience, the hard way, what pans out and what is just a passing fancy.

                Developing eventually the ability to wait, to reflect, to be unattached. This makes a world of difference. Then getting swallowed up in a given passage is no longer a blind ally. There is space and breath, freedom to move and freedom to not move yet.

                Just to be able to hold the edge, to keep a taut line of attention and responsiveness is really what it’s all about. By observing, witnessing, appreciating what is coming through, we gain the leverage we badly need. As soon as the compulsiveness quotient gives way to the destiny aliveness quotient, we switch from bondage to liberation.

                The free version looks and feels and is as good as bright, for along the way we just get a little smarter and more surrendered and we let everybody do it through us.”


“You stand at the edge of the pit of transformation.
In the pit lie all your fears.
The beneficial choice is to confront them.
Ignore them and you’ll be swept away
Dive in.”

Bobby Klein from this week’s I Ching passage, The PIT/DANGER

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