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I have not spoken with anyone in the last few days that was not going through some kind of family focused experience. In many cases it is drama. Under the best of circumstances, there are circumstances that are being viewed from the detached observer’s perch, but it’s all emotional, no matter how you’re receiving it. It’s all related to the Cancer Full Moon, which occurs at 6:33am EST. 


And that Full Moon is a part of a much bigger picture, as you may be able to tell from the large number of major events depicted in the charts for today. The Full Moon is part of a much larger Power Crossroad that involves not just the Sun and the Moon but Pluto, Jupiter, Haumea, Uranus, Eris and Ceres. All these power signs mean new beginnings with all kinds of Self empowerment.

That should begin to make it obvious that the family situations that are so very present right now are not really old dramas at all, but actually starting points for reworked Self empowerment that is born out of newly accessible Self worth. Pay attention to emotions that rise, don’t dive into them, walk above them, and stay detached but present to what they bring up into your consciousness.

You can react with old fear-based action or you can be present to what is truly emerging, and step fully into your Self, maybe for the first time. The world is brand new now, and we know it, but it is somewhat overwhelming and uncertain. The very same fear based reactions to so-called authoritative people places or things, that is. certain places where we tacitly hand over our authority, mistaking someone else’s fear-based behavior for something more powerful than our Self.

It is time to stop giving our empowered Selves over to anyone or anything else. Disruptive energies continue today as the Sun forms a stepping stone (square) with Eris, who has just stationed direct. Later today Venus comes together with Neptune, and the veil continues to lift. It is lifting, but there is still that dreamlike quality that looks so much like sleep-walking. We are waking up, and when we enough of the collective wakes, all the numbness will be shaken off, and the (r)evolution will truly begin.

Please check out Anne Harris’s Moon report!   And here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s full Moon, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks:


Cancer 23:  A man putting together pieces of broken pottery.

When we know things and we meet a world full of ignorance and chaos, we want to help everybody around us to keep it together and to put it back together when everything has fallen apart. We cannot help but feel this way. Our own wisdom heritage goes way back and endows us with an understanding which we can only offer to a world that is very thin and tenuous in the direction we are so richly endowed and imbued with.

                We embark upon the journey of providing missing pieces, restoring lost connections, making the impossible possible. Much of this takes a very practical form. What comes from worlds beyond seeks entry into the common life in grounded and highly specific directions.

                We perhaps become quite skillful, building a reputation for our expertise, our whole body of knowledge and capacity. And we can come into a whole way of life founded upon a greater service capacity and the willingness to be there for those who are often not there for themselves.

                There is a shadow lurking under all of this. We may neglect pivotal matters of our own, become absorbed in issues and dilemmas outside, and perhaps even lose all palpable sense of our own way of being and it’s needs and desires and impulses. For it is tempting to identify with the role, become the archetype, forget everything else as quite secondary.

                So then come the reckonings. We awaken to the fact that we have   this the community, this the family, this the work situation, and yet we haven’t really been there in a deeper sense. Somehow the mental aspect took over. And the core of life really was lost in the bargain.

                Over and again, we must reclaim what is second nature to us and easy to take for granted. Time and time again, we are called to be less extremely driven and more alive to everythin.g here, not just what fits within the ideas and ideals and cultural streams. Returning to the fount, we remember why we had so much to offer.”

Looks like a slow and steady walk home ahead….


“You are wholly complete and your success in life will be in direct proportion to your ability to accept this truth about you.” 

– Dr. Robert Anthony

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