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With regard to the week ahead, there’s a huge week ahead, even putting aside the elephant in the room which is the inauguration of Donald Trump. The country (and a lot of the world) is more divided than ever, courtesy of the way in which the President elect makes his way through the world. Judge him as you will, it’s important to remember that in the higher dimensions he is playing his role to perfection. The polarization that MUST happen to make reunification possible is absolutely, positively happening, and it is healthy and full of promise. With all the planetary activity coming up this week, it’s certain to be filled with major surprises.

Today the week kicks off with an all important Mars Chiron new cycle. Chiron is the planet that presides over every wholing and realignment process that involved mind, heart body and spirit. Since Mars governs the physical body and the physical world, this promises to make conscious a very significant new chapter for physical life on earth. It begins with the personal physical experience. All physical issues that have come up since the end of the summer are ready to be resolved, one way or another. Resolution, of course, comes down to the choices we make. If we have not yet learned to put the Self first, we may have to see the physical issues deteriorate some more before they can hope to become whole.

Later this week Mars makes dynamic (formerly major) aspects to Jupiter and Saturn, taking this “physical wholing” process to the social collective consciousness. No doubt this has something to do with the presidential election and what is revealed as it happens.

It is already unlike any other. The parties are majorly divided, there are millions marching to protest the incoming president’s promises, even the entertainers are unwilling to participate. There is proof of tampering with the election, and it is growing more and more impossible to believe that so many people voted for this man.

The behavior of this man has almost nothing to do with being the President, and while it originally gave millions hope for something new, it actually seems more old and sets us back decades as it unfolds.

This is a time when a Pisces stellium has us reeling. Nothing is real or absolute. Everything is changing. We must let the change happen. Protest if you must, believe what you will. Just let it all be and let it unfold so that it can turn into something that is much more commensurate with the new consciousness that creates the new world.

So far it looks like a much older one is emerging, but we know that can’t be True. Stay tuned to you, and let it all manifest as fully as possible.

Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Mars Chiron new cycle, reprinted with his permission from his book Star Sparks:


  Pisces 22:  A blacksmith creating an ornate garden gate.

He is forged upon his own anvil. His primary creation is his own newly minted self. Every   he goes through is birthing pangs for imagining who he can be and is called to be, when left to his own devices, when allowed to create as the gods do.

                The awesome responsibility to be taken on is to name things, to form them in a Divine Image, starting with himself and fanning out from there. He is greatly empowered to discover how to make a physical embodied version of self that carries all the spirit truth packed inside every inch of substance. And then he is asked to give of this same creator power into all.

                What is very hard for him is to take on what he has agreed to and fulfill the contract as steadily and foundationally as he is inwardly meant to. For he is different from others, so different that if he looks around and lets the others impress themselves upon him, he gets greatly distracted. For it is so easy to take up lesser versions and still seem to be prodigally gifted and remarkable.

                He must outlast his weakness, his shadow propensity for pleasing others, for being good, for fulfilling whatever is asked indiscriminately. He must outlive his insatiable hunger for good things to happen here, even if we bring them at the expense of ultimate values.

                In essence, he must learn what endures and what turns out to be a momentary semblance. And then he is called to apply this wisdom to everything he touches. For his influence can be to carve out timeless, ultimate factors, and let all the others to be almost trivial around the edges.

                If he can be as powerful as he is born to enter upon, he will bless by his creative powers being   in a much broader sense. The New Earth needs those who can conceive how it is meant to be. Here we have the true future forger.”


“We shall not cease from exploration

And the end of all our exploring

Will be to arrive where we started

And know the place for the first time.”


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