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Venus enters her retrograde shadow today, kicking off a nearly four month upgrade to the emotional body, most of which takes place in Pisces and Aries (aka the birth canal). For the next few months Venus will be taken up with many of the planets while she goes through her process. Most notably, she will make a triple conjunction with Chiron, the first of which took place just the other day. So begins the healing of the heart that MUST happen before the true upgrade can take place.


There will be plenty of discussion on Venus’ process in the weeks and months to come. What is every bit as fascinating though, is the level of activity around Mercury this week, after Venus’s big week last week and Mercury’s new cycle with Pluto yesterday, which has been building since Thanksgiving time. Mercury makes quit a few aspects this week, and what’s most significant about them is that they represent the new mental operating system, whereas the numerous Mercury aspect that occurred two weeks ago were more about the delivery to the new mind .

The week ahead contains six dynamic aspects plus Venus entering Aries. All six of those planetary events involves Mercury. Six planetary events incorporating Mercury, and NO other aspects whatsoever!!! Every one of these Mercury aspects works to help the new mental operating system kick in and begin to function smoothly. These aspects, together with Venus beginning her retrograde journey and crossing the world axis into Aries, points to a calibration of mind and heart that begins right here. You may or may not recall that when Mercury went into his last retrograde shadow he was calibrating with Mars, and that produced the current brand new mind body alignment.

Most of it is not fully apparent yet. Frequently when things are completely new, the world looks pretty messy. It’s hard to tell exactly what’s going on. All that really matters is that we stay centered in the heart and let the mind be informed by it. Let all action come from the heart. This may seem hard to do right now, but in Truth it is no harder than it’ ever been, and if it seems so it can only be because we are distracted by what is taking place in the world.

Better to focus on your Self, because the world is reflecting you. If you don’t like what you see out there, look for its reflection internally and pour some Love into it. That is how all ‘wholing’ takes place.

This week Mercury becomes an intersection on the Jupiter/Haumea- Uranus/Eris bridge. Do you recall the image I relayed the other day of the bridge that has a few steps in the middle of it, delivering the soul crossing the bridge to a higher (or lower) level, depending on the direction one is coming from? That is a 3D depiction of this 5D experience. The steps represent the need to change up the action while crossing the bridge that connects the two ends of a spectrum, within you and without you.

Stepping stones require a bit more effort than a smooth crossing, but they serve to keep us above the water, and offer us a higher perspective by keeping us out of the emotional drama of swimming in the deep water the bridge spans.

As Mercury now fully represents the archetype of the higher Mind, the Christed Self, there’s plenty of awakening available to each and every one of us this week. By the end of the week the true limitlessness of the higher consciousness and how it can manifest a whole new world will be that much clearer.

Stay tuned to your own heart. The mind and the body will follow effortlessly.

The only Zen you’ll find on mountain tops is the Zen you bring up there with you.”

Alan Watts