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What an amazing time! The planets that govern our lower body system are completely upgrade and transformed, and they are making connections with the new 5D archetypes faster than we can realize their effects. And that’s a good thing, because time and tempo have no place in this new dimension. All there is is what IS, in any given moment. To give it a name, or to analyze anything about it defeats the purpose of the new experience, and tosses us back (albeit temporarily), into the old world. 

Each and every time that happens, we are given another opportunity to learn how to stay centered in the new consciousness. Today Jupiter turns retrograde, refraining from a life changing, all important new cycle with Haumea, the unifying force of the Feminine Self, until September. This effectively gives us seven months to stabilize our higher Mind into the new consciousness.

We are headed into a sideways elevator on Friday, the first of two. This full Moon coming up is a lunar eclipse, with connections to Chiron, Jupiter, Haumea, Uranus, Eris, Saturn, Ixion and Sedna. Eclipses are very much like sideways elevators energetically, and if you take a moment to truly consider what it would feel like if you stepped into an elevator and it started moving sideways, you’ll have a real handle on what an eclipse can do.

It can knock you off balance, and definitely catch you off guard. BUT…It can NOT take you anyplace outside of your Self, because there is no such thing. There is nothing that exists outside of your own consciousness. Don’t let fear dictate otherwise.

Much in the same way that some of us listen to the President and worry about what his actions will bring. Those actions are your own reflection, and fear will get you nowhere. LOVE is the only answer. One of my faithful readers (and students) put up a quote of mine on Facebook a few days ago and it triggered a debate about action versus peace, and what is most significant or appropriate.

My take, of course, is that Love is the only answer, and I am so enjoying observing this debate from my observer’s perch. People speaking up range from believing in the power of peace and Love, to militant ones who don’t get the point of doing nothing.

Love is the answer, but we have to truly understand that Love is a WAY, it is a FREQUENCY, not a state of inaction, or a desire to ignore the Truth. LOVE IS THE TRUTH. This is what the Jupiter retrograde journey backwards and then back to Haumea can teach us. We don’t know what lies up ahead… (well we do know there are two sideways elevators coming), but it is in everyone’s best interest to allow what comes to come and then determine how those events have affected you.

Jupiter’s station occurs at the level of our higher Social consciousness. It’s a long journey back to where we were at the beginning of November, just as the election occurred and the world shifted so radically. Do everything you can to remain calm and centered and in the observer’s perch. Watch what happens. Don’t judge it, just observe. If you have a reaction, look within for where you need to put some Love.

Love IS action… RIGHT ACTION.. And we ALL need to practice a lot more of that. STAY TUNED TO YOU.

Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Jupiter station, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks:

Libra 24:   A chameleon with moving pictures appearing on it’s back.

The rapture, the indescribable multi-sensation of being able to be everywhere, anywhere, everybody, anybody, nobody. The wild impossible state of being cast loose from all forms to drift and metamorphose and try on for size whatever’s out there or in here.

As loose as can be, as willing and able as the most flexible body this world can allow. Not limited in imagination, in conception, in being able to visualize and stay alive to the formation-aspect of life purely, spontaneously, brilliantly.

                To be this way is to be free. Nothing accumulates. No patterns can gather habitual grooves. For here the life force can stretch and go-right-there-now.

                And of course the world says “of what use is this?” And of course the worlds says “come join us, be as we are”. And of course we go through that and we keep on going.

                Nothing sticks. No advise, no good intentions, no imported philosophies work around here. The only thing that does is to follow that breath, that impulse. When we do, it keeps on tuning us with all the ways we wanna be. And if we get real good at it, then we discover something else, a whole new world.

                We come back to this place where we started out. We remember what it was like to be pristine, direct, wide open. We recapture the essence of the one place we cannot ever deny. And then once we do become lucid in this dream, we can without fear or hesitation unite everybody else into the magic of a truly fluid life-path in motion.

                Because we have nothing else to offer. In the tuned out, socialized version, we are a sad excuse for a world-renewing force. We take on anything and everything, hardly knowing why. But if we do dream deeper, if we can restore the inner place, if we can remember back to where it all began, suddenly it will jump at us from the future and surprise us with what we were missing, what we failed to notice. While we were gone, something very beautiful was slipped in here, something worth moving with.”


 “Peace of mind is clearly an internal matter. It must begin with your own thoughts, and then extend outward. It is from your peace of mind that a peaceful perception of the world arises.”

A Course in Miracles  Lesson 34


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