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We are entering the final week of the very unusual worm hole we’ve been traveling through. It ends with the Full Moon in Virgo on Sunday, after six very wild and crazy weeks. We’ve been through so much during that time… The polarization of the world that is so evident in this new Presidency is but one part of it. The other part is the opening of so many very important Light Bridges that are providing the HIGH ways we have begun to travel on our way home. 




The superior conjunction of the Sun and Mercury is important any time it takes place, but today’s connection delivers us to new, higher Mental ground AND serves to kick off the upcoming Full Moon event. The Sun comes together with Mercury today, and then both the Sun and Mercury come together with Chiron during the course of the week before the Full Moon reflects that triple conjunction. Chiron is the dispositor of the upcoming Full Moon too.


That means there’s plenty of “coming together” on tap this week. Clarity and unveiling of what was positively unSeeable before now. The worm hole delivers us to an entirely new part of our conscious energy field… it’s for certain we have never been here before. The newness and the originality of the new awareness we are coming to will become more and more evident as the week unfolds.


The Light Bridge that has just been energized by Mars, the Uranus/Eris – Jupiter Haumea Highway, becomes exact in more ways than one during the next week or two. Most significantly, Uranus and Eris come together next week for the third of three times, and when Venus completes her retrograde journey she will make her way back to this Light bridge as well, bringing the heart fully into the journey.


But before she does, she will come together with Chiron one last time… one very prolonged time, just as she stations to go direct on April 15. She will be completing this new cycle with Chiron on Easter Sunday. You can’t make this stuff up. There’s plenty more going on this week (and next) and much of it involves the Sun, Mercury and Mars making contact with the various 5D planets.


This promises to be a game changing week on every level of our existence. The most important thing to do is to stay tuned to you.


Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Superior Sun Mercury conjunction, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks:

  Pisces 17: A kangaroo and her baby, who looks out from the mother’s pouch.

Coming from the sharp vantage point of being granted a guided tour through this world on a very free basis and not being able to take our eyes off the eye-popping  insistence of what we see, hear, feel, witness, and move through. We are so vigilant and alert, so stunned and delighted and crushed and pervasively moved by what we are exposed to.

                The possibility here looms large for tapping this point of reference for a much greater purpose. We can send on to greater cosmic beings the vibrant essence of our experience down below. Or we can be a portal for the collective to come to whole new ways of sensing what is going on here and why.

                Whatever we make of it, that which we directly sense and are intimately inside of is a magical child’s dream of what life in earth would be like if you retained your wide-eyed innocence and kept on being aware at the level you started out to be. We can camouflage this level of experience and submerge it far enough to guard it on the inside and keep it a secret. Or in the best of circumstances, we can stay with this original gift and be a rare voice for what is natural, what is primal, what is devoid of outer worldly overlays.

                The one great shadow here is that we must be friend, sister, brother, mother, father to ourselves to keep this enlarged way of being inwardly alive. If we should falter in our intimate alliance with ourselves, life becomes hollow, empty, without substance or meaning.

                We are intended inside this frequency to restore and retain original primal mind, so as to provide the earth’s picture when the human pattern no longer seems the only way to fathom life’s mysteries. We are granted such a golden chance to remember, to stay inside, and to champion deep priorities.”


“Each man had only one genuine vocation – to find the way to himself….His task was to discover his own destiny – not an arbitrary one – and to live it out wholly and resolutely within himself. Everything else was only a would-be existence, an attempt at evasion, a flight back to the ideals of the masses, conformity and fear of one’s own inwardness.”

– Hermann Hesse


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