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This day could be considered a two-parter. There are many lunar connections that take place while the Moon is in Leo, most notably a grand Manifestation between the Moon, Saturn, and Uranus/Eris. This fire trine energy lights things up and makes things dynamic. With the Moon contacting the Uranus/Eris conjunction, there is ALSO a resource to Jupiter/Haumea, giving us the emotional connection to the Light Bridge High Way that has been open to us for some weeks now. The Moon also makes aspects to Mercury (while in Leo) and to Mars (later today when she enters Virgo). We can’t leave the all important rulers of the Mind/Body connection out, because there is so much very significant upgrading taking place with these two at this time. 










As you can see, there are three major connections today, on top of those lunar aspects, involving Mars with Quaoar, and Mercury with Haumea and Mercury with Chiron. These are all essential to our ongoing journey, opening new channels for the Mind/Body network. Quaoar can be considered the higher octave of Mercury, or perhaps the 5D version of the Great Communicator. The Mars Quaoar manifestation takes all we’ve realized this week about the connection between the physical body and the higher Mind and makes it all applicable to our experience here. Watch for new ways of Being present here in the world to occur to you, especially when you’re not using your mind to figure things out. 


Mercury forms a Great Eliminator with Haumea, completing his circuit with the Light Bridge. High Way. Both of these aspects speak to the new mental operating system and out experience of it. Everything is changing, even as we realize the whole world is changing. Stay tuned to your inner journey for best results. It is so much harder to understand what’s going on when we look into the mirror to see what we can see.


At 5:08pm EST, the Moon moves into Virgo and begins her journey toward the full lunation, which occurs on Sunday at 10:54am EDT. From the moment the Moon enters Virgo, we will absolutely feel the shift. This is the deliverance out of the worm hole, and we will see that destination manifested right away. There is no longer anything to wait for. We are already here.. We are already there.


Perhaps the most significant aspect today is the Mercury Chiron new cycle. Chiron is the dispositor of the upcoming Full Moon, and so this Mercury connection is very important . Mercury, as just mentioned, is fresh from his connection with the four archetypes that are manifesting the Light Bridge we are crossing to the new World. This New cycle holds the keys and codes for realizing whatever is there to realize about the new “whole’ state of Being. There is much to be gleaned today, just by Being in the world.


Here is Ellias Lonsdale’s meditation for today’s Mercury Chiron new cycle, reprinted with the author’s permission from his book Star Sparks: You can’t make this stuff up…..


Pisces 25:  People and animals frightened during an eclipse.

 “Listening for signs, for portents, for indications of what is in the wind, in the waters, moving through the soul. Attending to the subtle cues. Knowing when customary signs say “Go slow”. Sensing the time to act, to move forward, to bring something further.

                Tuned in to the layer which traditionally has been sensed as superstitious, as uncanny, as dangerous. Very much at home in the unofficial, unrecognized places. Sensing all that needs to be known through the subtle inward feelers. Staying tuned to that wavelength throughout.

                Susceptible to many waves, myriad layers coming into momentary prominence. Yet needing to take up the experience of what it feels like to be under potent forces and to work with these and find the path they invoke.

                Very powerfully inwardly led to track with the collective, with humanity karma. Sensing pervasively where we all are coming from, traversing through, moving toward. Alert to danger signs that we are far off course. Seeking the corrective at inner levels.

                Absolutely remembering the most ancient and timeless and forgotten senses, faculties, ways of perceiving and being. The great goddess force. Not willing to deny the surging meaning and vitality of how the Divine Feminine plays through every ounce of earth existence. Transported to that awareness which cuts right through the times.

                Pulled to the ultimate point of reckoning with every hidden depth realm and giving it back it’s full due. Perhaps coming to the remarkable attunement to whatever is commonly currently suppressed, scapegoated, assumed to be better left alone.

                The radical spirit discovering once again what has been felt forever, what seemed so far away, yet is closest at hand once you grasp the meaning of earth existence.


“When the wind blows and thunder is heard, sad silence grows. Patience is a virtue. Hand over the tightly held and relinquish the guarded. Open the heart and welcome the dark. Light glows at its center. Greet it like the old friend that it is, and watch it reveal its secrets to you. Hand in hand with angels all light is yours. The darkness has no power over you. Flowers bloom, small at first and soon become a garden of richness. Carry a few seeds in your pocket and sprinkle them along your way. Create your own story now, your own garden, one of multiple elements.:

Channeled by Jan Finley


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